#Beingamother project issue 40: What motherhood means to Cuddle Fairy

January 2016 at a Glance 2

Welcome to the 40th issue of the #beingamother project! I’m honoured to have the lovely Becky from Cuddle Fairy to sprinkle a little positivity over this week’s issue. From positive parenting, to her love of being a stay at home mum, this is what motherhood means to her…<

Cuddle Fairy, Becky

Being a mother has changed my life. Before I was a mother I spent seven years in University – studying philosophy and law. I loved my fashion. Loved spending time with friends. Adored the time I spent living in NYC.

Cue the now husband’s entrance. Four years later, we moved to the West of Ireland. We got married within a few months of moving and baby number one arrived nine months later. So for me, life in Ireland has been life as a wife and mum. It has been a massive change from life NYC.

With our first, I was a super over protective mother. I hated anyone else to hold him. I breastfed for twelve months. It took months for me to recover from the labor – about nine months to be exact. I didn’t want to work outside the home. I just wanted to be a mum.

Baby two and three arrived much easier. I was more relaxed with the second and even more laid back with the third. I breastfed them both for about 14 months each and was still a protective mom but was much more calm and happy with other people holding my babies.

I am the mum who brings my children everywhere with me – to the grocery store, clothes shopping – you name it, the kids are with me. Being a mother has been my whole life until starting my blog last year. I love being a SAH mum and love spending lots of time with my kids.

I’m also the mum who believes in healthy eating. We eat organic as much as possible and we avoid all artificial ingredients. The more I google different ingredients, the more things we have cut out. I make the majority of our meals from scratch as I think a healthy diet is so important.

Being a positive parent is important to me. I do my best to set a good example for my kids to follow – an example of kindness, gratefulness and happiness. I think treating your children with respect is an important part of being a positive parent. I hate to see parents belittling their children or cursing at them. I think making your children feel good about themselves is better for them and for the parents too. I try to uplift my children and support them in what they choose to do. All three of our children are so different and have different gifts and interests. I think it’s important to support their individuality.

I have high expectations for my children. When we go out, they hold hands or hold the buggy. I expect good manners and for them to listen. This doesn’t always go to plan but I do think that having high expectations have made them so well behaved. Also, bringing them everywhere with me has them used to going places.

Being a mother has made me grateful. I feel like my three children are gifts. I enjoy them, love them and look forward to spending quality time with them. My kids have taught me about what really matters in life – your family, health, a home. I feel like they have completed me and have made me a better person by being a mother.

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