Best museums in London for children

Best museums in London for children

Children rarely enjoy museums, the way adults do. Unlike grown-ups they are brimming with energy that stops them from being fully concentrated, they have a different understanding of history that will only interest them as long as it has something to do with their favourite superheroes or princesses living in a shiny castle. And there is nothing wrong with it. The imaginary world children invent is often far more interesting than the world we are living in, which perhaps is one of the reasons why parents find it hard to drag their kids out of that phantasy and make them enjoy the museum collections cramped with  dusted artifacts about our very real, and very boring world. That is unless we’re talking the best museums in London for children!

London is one of the very few European cities that has a reputation for being the hub for kids-friendly museums, that know how to engage children. So why not to check in one weekend into the Amba Marble Arch hotel, and take your kids for a trip they won’t forget? Here, are some tips that might help you shortlist the attractions for both in this list of best museums in London for children.

Science Museum

The Science Museum is the best choice if you want your children to experience science at first hand. Its exhibitions are the perfect addition to the not – so interesting physics and chemistry lessons at school. The hair-raising, immersive shows,  virtual reality experience, and aviation simulators allow youngsters to re-explore the science behind Crick and Watson’s DNA model, and the transformative prowess of communication technologies. A must – visit if you want your kids to feel the “chemistry” to anything science related.

V&A Museum of Childhood

How our brothers and sisters can influence our sense of identity?  Where the dream starts and reality ends? How different is growing up across different countries? The V&A Museum of Childhood, the largest institution of its kind in the world, showcases exhibitions that don’t shy away from asking these questions, and provide some interesting insights into the tender age of human development. From marvelling at the community of 150 dollhouses, to plenitude of activity stations with Lego, rocking horses and stickle bricks,  there is plenty to play with and even more to learn! The museum hosts additional events at weekends and during school weekends, so it might be worth checking their website soon!

The Best Museums In London for Children

The British Museum

The rich, world- acknowledged collections of British museum is a catch for any culture and history hungry adult, but it is only understandable that it is less appealing to younger, more technology savvy generations. After all, how do you explain the historic and cultural value of the Rosetta stone to your six year old? Fortunately the British Museum has you sorted. They have created a series of fun, challenging activities and family tracks that every family can pick up on their visit. Activities are stored in special Activity Backpacks that can be collected at the entrance.  There are different themes to choose from such as Egyptian Mummy,  and Life in Ancient Greece. Completing activities from each theme might take up to 90 minutes.

Best museums in London for children

Old Operating Theatre Museum

The dream come true of any future doctor!  Although we have come a long way from the 18th century and not only medical industry but healthcare in general, have developed to preserve our health to the greatest possible level, visiting the oldest,  pre-anesthetic operating theatre offers great insights into the history of medicine and surgery that slightly older children who dream of one day becoming part of this history, will find useful. The museum has a range of activities for students age 8 and above, from making herbal mixtures themselves, to watching the reconstruction of old-school surgical procedures, the Old Operating Theatre Museum is definitely one of the not-to-be-missed museum attraction in London.

Natural History Museum

Probably the most famous kids attraction in London. Both a research institution and a museum, it has a lot to offer to their visitors, that flock here from all over the world, to see the 25.2-metre-long blue whale skeleton name Hope, and animatronic T-rex. But there is more to it, than just big replicas of ancient creatures ( or their skeletons). The museum is a great attraction if you want your kids to understand the power of nature, and brush up on their knowledge of biology in general. With regular family exhibitions and many hands-on, immersive activities there is always something for children of all ages to explore.

Best museums in London for children

So there you have it – some fantastic museums to lure the children off the couch with? Have you visited any of on this list of best museums in London for children? Or perhaps they are on your bucket list for this summer? Do leave a comment and share. And if you’re looking for more things to do in London with children why not check out top 10 things to do at London Zoo and my review of Ocean Invaders at the London Aquarium.

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  1. I love London for all of its free and amazing museums. We all always hit the Natural History and The Science Museum. I would love to go to the V&A Museum of Childhood when we are next over.

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