Best new toys for 2017 – my top picks!

Toys, toys, toys , toys, toys! If your floor is not already covered with toys, and you’re wondering what the best new toys for 2017 then look no further as the best new toys for 2017 have just been revealed at the Toy Fair. So without further ado, here are my top picks, from the best new toys revealed at the fair…

So without further ado, let’s shine some light on some of the…..

best new toys

Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Activity Boxes – £19.99

Best new toys for 2017

Likely to be my new best friend in life, I love these bright, friendly magnetic activities that really encourage children to focus on learning.

K’NEX Thrill Rides Web Weaver – £69.99

Best new toys for 2017

Because if you can’t go on a rollercoaster, the next best thing is to build one surely?

Halilit Dr Pooch – £30.00

Best new toys for 2017
This pup teaches children how to dress with Bbuttons, buckles, zippers and more (lord knows we could use any help in that department eh?). It’s also squeezably soft and huggable – the combination making it a winner in my book.

Stickbot Zanimation Studio – £21.99

Best new toys for 2017

Unleash your child’s imagination on screen as they bring out the mini Director in them with this awesome little set.

Spinmaster PAW Patrol PAW Terrain Vehicle Rescue Set – £44.99

Best new toys for 2017

For the Paw Patrol generation of which my daughter is firmly part of, this has to be their idea of heaven. Paw Patrol to the rescue!

Science Lab from the Galt Explore and Discover range – £12.99

Best new toys for 2017
We’re huge fans of educational toys and anything Galt and if anyone knows how to bring the mini scientist out in our littles, it’s them. Dying to get my hands on this one!

8. Brio Rescue Firefighter Set – £39.99

Best new toys for 2017

Got a rescue lover in the house? Then this has got their name on it.

9. Ravensburger Grafitti Sneaker- £14.99

Best new toys for 2017
Need I say more? One word: awesome.

10. Wicked Socker Bopper Body Bubble Ball – £49.99

Best new toys for 2017

A one way ticket to tire the kids out. I’m in.

Which is your fave pick from the above? Do share in a comment below. And if you’re looking for more toy recommendations why not check out doodleBuckets which have researched extensively to create the most complete shopping guides of the best toys and gifts for children.

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  1. It’s nice to see K’Nex are still bringing out good sets. My son in his 20’s used to play with it. I can also see my teenage daughter loving the body bubble, but can’t help feeling there is trouble to be had here!

  2. Great collection !! I loved the Science lab and the Fire fighter set. My daughter is big in pretend play and fire fighter set would be a different addition to her toy basket !!

  3. Thanks for this amazing post. i just don’t know which of these is better than the other, although Halilit Dr Pooch looks extremely cute.

  4. I’ve seen loads of people using the Socker Body Bubble Ball and they always appear to be having a great time using it. Strongly considering getting it for Christmas this year. Would be a great fun activity for the family.

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