Best smartphone for teens? Introducing the IMO Q4 Pro 2021

Want an awesome smartphone for teens that won’t cost you the price of your holiday? Then have we got news for you!

Leading UK mobile provider, IMO Mobile has just launched the IMO Q4 Pro 2021. Despite having an absolute baller list of features including facial unlocking technology, 5.5 HD widescreen, 16GB memory with an expandable memory of up to 64GB and many of the must have features of leading smartphones it’s a fraction of the price at £64.99 available from Tesco Mobile making it the perfect smartphone for teens. Extra brownie points for the fact it also supports the Android 9 operating system.

IMO has created the Q4 Pro with its 5.5″ HD screen and edge to edge display making it the perfect phone for watching movies, playing games and keeping updated on social media apps making it a brilliant choice if you are looking for a smartphone for teens or perhaps a pre-teen. It also includes dual rear cameras (8MP + 0.3MP) which create crystal clear images and a super wide camera angle. Did I also mention it has a super impressive battery life of 12 hours!

With IMO Q4 Pro 2021’s sleek design in midnight plus all its amazing features, if your teen or pre-teen is hounding you for a new state-of-the-art phone, then look no further! Because this one fulfills all the demands of a smartphone for teens without the eye-water price tag or relentless pester power.

Product Specifications: IMO Q4 Pro 2021

  • Network: Tesco Mobile
  • OS: Android 9.0 Go
  • Display: 5.5” HD screen
  • Camera: 8MP + 0.3MP dual rear camera and 5MP front camera
  • Security: IMO Face Unlock
  • Memory: 1GB RAM + 16GB ROM, Micro SD card slot expandable to 64GB
  • Battery: 12 Hours – 2500mAh
  • Other features: MP3, FM Radio, Bluetooth, WI-FI connection

The IMO range of mobile phones is perfect for families who want to enjoy life, are savvy spenders yet still want to stay connected – Be IMO – Be Different – IMO Mobile. You can buy the IMO Q4 Pro 2021 from Tesco Mobile for £64.99. For more information about IMO Q4 Pro 2021 and other products, please visit

For more information on children and smartphones see our quick guide here.


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  1. My older son is in third grade and has been asking when he will get a phone. I’m not ready for him to have one yet, but this is such a great option!

  2. This is a great idea for parents wary about giving their teens smartphones. I will definitely consider getting one for my son.

  3. I wish this was available on our network my daughter needs a new phone and this would be a great option if it was!

  4. I’ve not heard of this until now but it’s great for those getting their first phones. I wish they had this when my kids got theirs. Technology has come such a long way!

  5. I think it’s good that companies are creating phones specifically for teens and kids which give them responsibility but with security features to keep them safe x

  6. This is fantastic. These days all my eldest, and my teenage nieces and nephews care about is gaming, socials and if they can get wifi! This looks perfect and great for those starting high school.

  7. That is a lovely-looking very smart phone and the 12 hour battery life is most impressive. The low price also has a lot going for it. I think it’s suitable for a wider range of users than just teenagers. Bravo!

  8. As someone whose teenager has been through quite a few phones already through loss or theft, this looks like the ideal replacement. Would be particularly good as a first phone for a tween!

  9. This is a super idea!
    My daughter is at the age of wanting a phone and it’s something I am 50/50 on.
    This phone would be ideal for her.

  10. This is pretty much the perfect first phone for one of the children. Looks cool as well as being well designed.

    • Reguarding this Smartphone, Never mind the teens this Nanny would love one please.My smartphone from Tesco Mobile was great when I had it over 5yrs ago ( after a little help from my kids) but it keeps telling me to ‘update’ how can i update if no room? And it’s Sooo slow a snail would be faster.Being familiar with Android & no Password just face recognition yah! I feel if its suitable for kids it would be great for me …im so past the ‘Doro’ boring old people’s phone.I want to get with it.Read up sounds great .Whats not to love?

  11. The battery life is amazing, would last my teen all day while at school. The price for all the features is brilliant, a stylish phone that s affordable.

  12. It sounds just perfect for our grandson, he’s always on the go and out with friends, be a fabulous way to know we can get in touch with him to see that he’s safe. Plus if he gets into trouble he can phone for help asap.

  13. It sounds like a fantastic phone – I particularly like that it’s a good spec at a decent price!

  14. My son started secondary school this month and is walking home from school now so I’d feel much better if he had a phone like this so I could keep in touch with him whilst he’s on his way!

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