The best thing about being pregnant in Singapore…the food!

singapore food

I don’t often talk about my pregnancy days on the blog…mainly because they took place before the blog was even born. But recently, I’ve been thinking back to those distant days, and what it was like to be pregnant in far off lands in Singapore.

Being pregnant on the other side of the world had its good and bad points but there was one absolutely huge upside as a pregnant food lover who wanted to devour everything in sight…namely the incredible and never ending array of food that was pretty much always on offer.

I won’t lie…when I was pregnant…I ate a lot, and Singapore was the perfect place to do that. From the incredibly cheap and fragrant food of the Hawker Centers to the amazingly upscale eateries which I had to review as my time as Editor in Chief of the sprawling city guide City Nomads…eating was the name of the game, food was my currency and my mission was to eat my way around Singapore like a local.

From the ubiquitous Hainanese Chicken Rice stalls which tempted me on every corner with the promise of oozing flavours…

singapore food 2

To the piles of charred satay chowed down on a cooling evening down on a beach by the East Coast.

From weekend dim sum where you would always be forgiven for ordering WAY to many plates….

singapore food 3

To a chilli crab slurped up by the riverside with endless mopping up opportunities with that incredible lip-smacking gravy….

and mornings that started with Kaya Toast filled with sweet coconut jam and washed down with a local cup of Kopi (coffee)…or ginger-infused Teh Tarek (tea)…

singapore food 4

And let’s not forget the sweet stuff….old school cakes…or kueh….bite sized cakes and sweet treats which you could mix and match endlessly including the insanely rainbow layered Lapis Sagu and my all time favourite Ondeh Ondeh which explodes sweet molten palm sugar into your mouth on biting – wah!

Yes, as I get carried away in the memory of some of the incredible food which fueled me during my pregnant times in Singapore, I can safely say that Singapore is an absolute foodie haven, whether you’ve got a bun in the oven (pun intended), or not!

Have you ever sampled the food in Singapore? Do leave a comment and share. And for more global culinary delights why not check out this post on East African street food.

photo credits: Chinatown, Singapore 4/2014 via photopin (license),  Chicken Rice via photopin (license), 13 gustosi dim sum vegetariani via photopin (license),  Ya Kun Kaya Butter Toast via photopin (license)

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  1. I’m definitely with you on that one. Singapore food is awesome. I go there whenever I get to Asia and the chicken rice, hokkien mee and chili crab I always love. My only gripe with Singapore is the humidity. It can get really hot.

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