Birdspotting: Which bird mum are you?

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Ostrich head closeup. The long neck and beak.

OK, now I know this is VERY random, but hey, that’s why you love me! Inspired by a funny Twitter chat I had with the lovely Mim who blogs over at Mamamim about how she was more a night owl and I was more a sparrow, I then began to think about other birds out there, and how their qualities might be similar to us mums. So there we are, now you know the ridiculous workings of my brain.

Anyway, I thought this could be quite an amusing post (still with me?)…so let’s now roll out 10 different types of birds and see which one you think you’re the most like.

  1. Sparrow – Up early, a little bit twitchy, and acting like there’s always a cat round the corner who might be about to pounce you,  despite your anxious nature, the sparrow mum is largely a sociable creature and much loved by the great British public.

2. Swan – All looks calm above the surface, people admire your elegance and grace, but underneath those legs are swimming quick time to stop your from ultimately, drowning. Despite this, you will rarely find an unkempt swan mum. Find a swan out of their water however and they will seem awkward, and sometimes, downright bizarre.

3. Owl – Wise, nocturnal, and with the uncanny ability to turn their heads 360 degrees (read: eyes in the back of your head). You are the mum that exudes wisdom and integrity, and can write blog posts whilst feeding in the middle of the night instead of staring into space like a mombie (Mim at Mamamim I’m looking at you!).

4. Eagle – The eagle mum is mighty, the eagle mum is powerful. Everybody knows that they will never keep up with her, and should never cross her. Do not mess with the Eagle! You will rarely find an eagle mum flapping through life – merely, swooping and soaring.

5. Parrot – The behaviour of a parrot mum can often be complex, and not make any sense. She is a character, but hard to understand. Intelligent, but can act like a total goof. She often struggles with psychological difficulties,  boredom, and has aggressive tendencies.

6. Emu – The emu mum is a bit of a motherhood mystery, to other mums, and to herself. She is a bit of a nomad, hard to get close to and is partial to making strange grunting noises. This could be probably any one of us mums first thing in the morning.

7. Seagull – The seagull mum might be hard to differentiate, as she can often only be found surrounded by other seagull mums who together display intimidating, mob-like behaviour. Most likely to be found in a playground near you, best keep your ice cream and chips away from her.

8. Peahens (female peacocks) – Poor old peahen mum. She is a bit downtrodden, owing to the fact that her Mister gets all the attention these days. She is the one that works so hard to raise her kids, while he just gets off on that showy-offy glory.

9. Hen – The pinnacle of mumdom and maternal care, the hen was just put on this planet to be a mum.  Hen mums are the ones that make it all look so easy as they peck through life with their relatively large brood in tow. Confident in their motherly ways, and not afraid to show it – get in line in the pecking order, or move on out of the coop!

10. Dodo – The dodo is, of course, extinct. And at any particular given time, Dodo mums really wish they were too.

So come on, which bird type do you think best describes you as a mum?

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  1. Ha ha I’ve been anxiously awaiting this – love it! I totally wish I could spin my head right around – I bet my husband doesn’t. I strive to be a Hen – one day, one day! Mim x

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  3. I would automatically say I am a Swan, apart from the reference to never looking unkempt, which is definitely not true of me! Overall though I totally identify with the frantic under water paddling!! Great post!

  4. Wow! That’s really cool! I never thought to compare myself to a bird before but I’d say I have traits of the Eagle, the Parrot and the Emu. I saw on Animal Planet once, the mother eagle going after a snake who tried to get into her nest while she was gone. That mama bird was out for blood! I’m that kind of mom. I’m complex and hard to understand like the parrot, and I’m hard to get close to like the Emu. Thanks for sharing this. Visiting from #wineandboobs

  5. I love this and thank you so much for tagging me. I am surely a hen and always have been. Even before I had children people referred to me as the mother hen. Always taking care of my friends especially during those drunken moments when they needed serious care. I am also a “cackling” hen when around my friends, according to my husband lol.

  6. Can I be an Owl Swan? Haha! This was awesome. I really enjoyed reading and trying to figure out which bird I was. Thanks for sharing at the Share with Me blog hop!

  7. This is awesome! I think I am probably a mix of the owl, parrot, and eagle….if that’s even possible! Most days I am probably a parrot cause I am a goof more times than not. #Momsterslink

  8. This is brilliant! I can’t work out which one I am, probably a mix between the hen and the parrot lol. Love this! I’m definitely sharing this with all my mum friends 🙂 #momsterslink

  9. This made me laugh! I can’t figure out what kind of mom I am though…. I feel like I’m part Parrot, part Hen and maybe part Dodo. Ha.

    Stopped by from #momsterslink

  10. Me? I am half parrot, half eagle I think. Weird looking bird, yes. But you are right, most Mums would find themselves relating to at least one of these feathered friends :). #momsterslink

  11. Yep! I am still a hen…cackling…to myself now after two bottles of wine. Visiting this time from #momsterslink and thanking you for linking up with me!

  12. What a creative post!! I would probably say that I’m more an owl, I get much more work done during the night although lately I’m starting to like the early mornings more so not sure really! LOL Great post! x

  13. Ah what a fun read! I’d like to think I have some owl & eagle traits but certainly not as put together as they are! #momsterlink x

  14. Great post that really had me thinking and re-reading it. Like the previous comment I saw elements of me in all of them. I am definitely a mixture of sparrow and parrot. So I guess that makes me a Sparrot! 🙂 xx #MMWBH

  15. Oh dear, probably a bit Parrot with some swan, great post, loved it! Had a little look at the ‘village’ mums at the school gates on my blog recently.

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