Get set for Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Argos!

Black Friday Cyber Monday Argos

Can you smell it in the air? Yes, Black Friday & Cyber Monday is coming and that means only one thing…..when retailers of all kinds bring deep discounts to their online stores…..just in time for you to get all those Christmas presents sorted.

Yes I know, it does mean kicking off Christmas present shopping perhaps a week earlier than you normally would but trust me….this is going to be worth it.

One retailer I have massively got my eye on for some serious discounts and savings for our family’s collective Christmas list is high street favourite Argos who have vowed to take on Amazon with deals galore with thousands of products seeing slashed prices.

So what’s our strategy here? The key to maintaining sanity in the Black Friday & Cyber Monday CRAZY, is to:

  • Make sure you are on it like a bonnet with discount codes at Argos┬áso that if there are any extra discounts to be had, they are yours for the taking.
  • Shop with Christmas as your mission. This is the time to get all your presents for some seriously good prices – from main gifts to stocking fillers, it’s all on. I’m thinking character toys, electronic toys, play sets, coffee machines, bikes..the whole shabang. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of pre-planning window shopping over on the Argos website.
  • Not, I repeat NOT get sidetracked by buying things you simply don’t need (yes I’m talking about a massive whopping TV that will take up your whole room). Make a Christmas list if you haven’t already, and stick to it.
  • Maintain a level head and don’t get carried away by the hype.
  • Avoid any in-store visits at all costs and stick to shopping purely online or else rue the day! Shop online then kick back, relax and wait for the fruits of your hard labour to be….erm….delivered!
  • Know that often Black Monday deals can trump those of Black Friday so don’t be afraid to wait it out.

May the Black Friday/Cyber Monday force be with you!

*This is a collaborative post


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