How to get your blog posts ranking in Google

Blog Posts Ranking in Google

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If you run your own blog then you will know the importance of making sure you get new traffic to your site. Having new and recurring visitors is the best way to make sure that your blog becomes popular – and to make some money. The more visitors you have, the more ad revenue you can make. Some people even make their entire living from their blog – purely because they have so many visitors.

If you want your blog to attract more visitors then you will need to ensure your that it’s ranking highly on Google searches. Google is one of the top search engines in the world and if your blog posts rank highly here then you chances of gaining new visitors is even greater.

Some people think that writing good content is all you need in order to be popular. While this is true to an extent, you also need to make sure that your posts are ranking highly. Obviously creating great content is the best way to bring visitors back again and again but you need to find them in the first place. Once you have them then you can focus on writing great content – using a totally free guide at Totally Blogging.

Getting noticed

In order to rank highly on Google you need to take advantage of their keyword system. This is a system where posts with more keywords will feature higher up on the list of results. So when people search for a certain term or keyword then your posts are more likely to be top of their list.

In order to make the most of this keyword searching you need to make sure that you’re using your chosen keyword a few times throughout your article. The best way to do this is to use it in the title, at least one heading and two or three times naturally throughout the post. You should also try not to use the same keyword over and over in all of your posts. This is because the Google algorithm will only recognise a few posts so it’s more likely that your other posts will be left unnoticed.

blog posts ranking in google

Getting your blog posts ranking in google – and staying ranked! 

The ranking system at Google is so complex that there’s probably only a handful of people who fully understand how it works. However, there are some things that will help you get ranked highly, and stay ranked highly. There are a few tried and tested tips to help you stay ranked over time.

Once your site reaches a certain age and the older it becomes the better you will rank on average. This also means that your content will get ranked quicker than newer sites. This is because your site is viewed as more reliable, more popular and still relevant to searchers.

The more content you have on your site, the quicker you will be ranked. You will also rank higher on average because your site is constantly being updated. Google will see this and recognise that you are keeping your content up to date.

Blog Posts Ranking in Google


You also should make sure that you have recently updated your site on Google Search Console. Since the format of websites has switched over to https many people haven’t changed their format. This means that Google is far less likely to rank you because you aren’t using what is considered a secure format. Make sure that you change it in order to be ranked effectively.

If you want more help on getting your blog posts ranked highly on Google then head on over to this free guide at Totally Blogging which will help you get started.

Blog posts ranking in google

Author bio:  Jon is the founder of  The Money Shed – the UK’s largest community based forum dedicated to earning money from home online. He’s just launched a new website called Totally Blogging which offers 40+ guides for FREE for everything from setting up your own blog through to how to earn the absolute most amount of money from it and everything in-between and he’s ready to drop some knowledge about how our blog posts can rank higher on Google than ever before!


    • What a helpful post. I haven’t been onto Google Search Console for a while so I need to check it out and make sure my site details are up to date

  1. They’re all great tips that I use, as well. Only I try rank for several combinations of my keywords, not just one and it has worked on a few posts. Also, it’s important to remember to SEO your pictures in your posts!

  2. This is perfect for me right now, I’m trying overhaul my site to make sure all my content will rank highly as I didn’t know nothing when I first started, will be bookmarking this!! Thanks!

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