#Bloggerproblems: Dealing with blogger back with office yoga

office yoga

As a parenting blogger I spend one portion of my day sitting at my desk in my blogging space ruining my back, and then the other half of the day schlepping around a three year old and also….ruining my back. As a result, my back is pretty much shot by the end of the day.

The solution to this I know, is probably to take five minutes out of the time I sit at my desk and do a spot of office yoga – reaping all the brilliant benefits that office yoga offers  –  rather than trying to fidget away the aches and pains and cursing them come evening time.

But where to start? Thankfully, there’s quite a lot on the internet now on yoga poses you can do whilst sat at your desk (hurrah!) – and this article from the good old Huff on office yoga poses is a very good place to start.

But if anyone would also care to join me on a five minute break from sitting at their desk (if that’s where you happen to be reading this), then let’s all take a five minute breather and enjoy this video from Furniture At Work.

Ahhhhh……I don’t know about you but my back feels a lot less like it’s been trodden on by a huge ogre! How about you?

Namaste everyone.

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