CBeebies Andy Day on being a children’s TV presenter and rock star!

andy day andy and the odd socks

There’s no denying it….if you’ve got littles in your house, you will know exactly who Andy Day is. Your sproglets will worship him for his epic dinosaur adventures, ooooh and ahhh at his dinosaur raps which have amassed a whopping 12 million views on YouTube. You might even be harbouring a secret crush on the BAFTA nominated on Andy, who is lauded by some as a TV sex symbol, ogling him while you aherm – innocently peer at him over your cold mug of tea.

But why leave it at just at just being a TV star and sex symbol when you can also be a rock star too? Because hear this – Andy will be performing live with his new band ‘Andy & The Odd Socks’ in the Easter holidays. Is there no end to this man’s talents? I seems not! And so today I find out where he got to where he is today, and what it takes to be Andy Day…

What and who inspired you to become a children’s TV presenter?

I think my utter love for children’s programmes as a child, the likes of Phillip schofield in the broom cupboard and the way my brain works and sense of adventure gears me towards child humour/entertainment.

What were some of the things you did that made you think – yes! I want to do this! back in the day?

Whenever I did any live stuff performing for kids for example my first pantomime when I was 22, seeing the reaction and getting that instant feedback of joy definitely hooked me.

I used to write up ideas and film them which was used as a showreel with my best mate , that was always something that encouraged me. And working with kids in Italy when I was 18 was for sure a positive influence, I seem to engage better with kids sometimes more than with adults. Ha! Mainly cos they are so honest with their reactions!

What was your big breakthrough?

In 2007 2000 Of us went for an audition for CBeebies to be their new presenter with Chris/Pui and Sid in the CBeebies house. Everything kicked off from their in terms of my TV career and I’ve not looked back I still love it

What has been your biggest wow moment to date?

Performing with my band ‘Andy And The Oddsocks’ at Glastonbury.

My BAFTA nomination for best presenter two years in was a big wow moment for me.

andy day andy and the odd socks

And what has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was very recent when performing CBeebies tempest, I played the part Caliban, a pinnacle role within the play, I am good with ad-libbing lines if I forget them which is VERY difficult with Shakespeare’s so I really had to work hard learning the lines, I’m used to short term memory learning in chunks. Great fun though.

Can you share some funny behind the scenes stuff from your career to date?

I was filming ‘Andys secret hide out’ and half way through the filming my line was, ‘ can you hear that?’ And in perfect time a jcb smashed through the wall of a studio!!!

What do you love most about what you do?

The range of different fun creative projects I get to do. I love creating new things, writing songs, live performing working with Animals, having a band and performing with them, Shakespeare, playing with orchestras, just creating fun and engaging content that will Still with the viewer or inspire.

When times get tough you…..

Put on head phones and pretend I’m in back to the future listening to Huey Lewis and The News.

Do you have a saying or philosophy which underpins everything you do?

Find the love in everything you do, and give it 100%

You can catch Andy & The Odd Socks live at the following UK dates in 2018…

03 April Butlins, Bognor
04 April Bristol Lantern, Bristol
06 April Kidtropolis, Birmingham NEC
07 April Kidtropolis, Birmingham NEC
08 April Kidtropolis, Birmingham NEC
09 April Butlins, Skegness
10 April Butlins, Bognor
13 April Bush Hall, London
14 April Rendlesham Old Jet Studio, Ipswich
27 May Geronimo Festival, Cheshire
28 May Butlins, Skegnes
29 May Butlins, Bognor
30 May Butlins, Minehead
23 June Butlins Festival, Minehead
30 June Geronimo Festival, Knebworth
27 July Camp Bestival, Dorset
29 July Standon Calling , Hertfordshire

For further info on ‘Andy and The Odd Socks check out the following links:



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