Celebrating the sweetest time of the year with Swizzels + #WIN!


Did you know that we’ve been giving sweets at Christmas time for centuries? Way back in the 13th century, long before Christmas started to look the way it does now – with trees and stockings and multiple presents – people were making, giving and receiving sweet things to celebrate the season. That’s why Swizzels loves Christmas.


Of course, the form of the sweets we give has changed over the years. But the sentiment remains the same: we give sweet treats because they make us feel special. And this year, Swizzels has excelled itself with a tongue tingling selection of sugary delights to see anyone through the festive season!

With big hampers, little hampers, single sweet hampers – don’t we all know someone for whom there’s no such thing as ‘too many Parma Violets?’ – and stocking fillers galore, as well as all the usual pick ‘n’ mix goodies of Refreshers and Love Hearts, Rainbow Drops and more, there’s something for pretty much every budget and taste.


This year, Swizzels have even put together a mouth-watering advent calendar for those who can’t wait until December the 25th to begin their seasonal splurge. It’s the perfect way for grownups to reminisce about their favourite childhood flavours, and for children to discover their new best treats.

The earliest recorded Christmas sweet – that we could find, at any rate! – was Lebkuchen; a honey cake made by German monks around 1200ad. And that had its roots all the way back in Roman times. Honey, you see, was viewed as a gift from God, so the monks used it to celebrate. And the tradition took hold.

With 90 years of history behind it, Swizzels has developed a few Christmas traditions of its own. One of them is to share the Christmas spirit, by giving away goodies to boys and girls – of all ages – who need a bit of sweetness in their lives. And this is your chance to be one of them!

***Swizzels Hamper Giveaway***

If you fancy getting your soon-to-be-sticky mitts on some sensational Swizzels sweeties, we have two smashing Swizzels Retro Sweet Hampers (RRP £20.99 each) to give away!



Each hamper contains:

In addition to a 500g mix of classic Swizzel sweets, you will also get: 2 x Giant Parma Violet rolls, 2 x Giant Love Hearts rolls, 2 x Giant Fizzer rolls, 1 x 160g bag of Drumstick Squashies (Original flavour), 1 x 160g bag of Drumstick Squashies (Sour Cherry and Apple flavour), 1 x 160g bag of Drumstick Squashies (Bubble gum flavour), 3 x Refresher Stick pack (Original flavour), 2 x Refresher Stick pack (Strawberry flavour), 2 x Drumstick Stick pack (Original flavour).

The dimensions of the hamper are: 10.5cm high x 30cm wide x 18cm deep. Total weight of the hamper is approximately 1.75kg This is comprised of 1.4kg of sweets, plus the weight of the hamper.

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  1. I do enjoy Swizzels sweets and so does the whole family although it will be the grandchildren that will get first choice from this fab hamper

  2. I adore the swizzel lollies they are my favourite ever. Have to really look for them here though, but I did find some over halloween. The drumstick sweets are a little kinder on the teeth too than the lolly version!!

  3. Ooh Swizzels sweets are my favourite, I used to live near their factory and knew loads of people who worked there. Parma Violets will always be my favourite and double lollies!! xx

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