Top 10 children’s party gifts for parents on a budget

children's party gifts

Organising children’s parties can be chaotic, in both joyful and overwhelming senses of the word. A multitude of personalities fuelled by adrenaline, sugar and youthful over-excitement collide and create something of a children’s idea of heaven. Although, it probably won’t be the promised land the parents were hoping for!

Considering parents tend to get consumed by the madness (and cost!) of kids parties, here’s just a little piece of sanity for you with  our list of top budget friendly children’s presents.

1. Play Money Tray – £1

When restricted to a budget, it can be difficult to find the right balance between, not creeping over the price you set yourself and not getting something completely not worth buying at all. Therefore, stretching the pound (quite literally) can go along way. With this Play Money Tray, kids can imagine up the wildest of business ideas, whether that be their own supermarket, a restaurant, or even a bank. When people say “money can’t buy you happiness”, they clearly haven’t seen this toy set.

children's party gifts

2. Swizzels Party Mix Tub – £6

While there is plenty of sugar filled goodness at kids parties, it is sometimes nice to get something to enjoy when all the fun is over. Swizzels Party Mix Tub is a great option for a gift, it’s something everyone can enjoy providing the child is a sharer, and will last forever (checking expiry dates is advised). It even comes with a novel handle to assist in sharing the joy. Considering this is the most expensive option on list, it better do!

3. Star Wars Force Awakens Lunch Box & Bottle Set – £1

On the back our previous top pick with the sweets party mix tub, we all know good parents like to encourage a healthy, balanced diet to accompany the lollipops and the chews. Therefore, this Star Wars Force Awakens Lunch Box & Bottle Set is perfect for holding a variety of fruit snacks and sandwiches to balance everything out. Available from Toys for a pound, for (you guessed it) £1, you might also want to pick one up for dad too!

children's party gifts

4. Funko Spiderman Mystery Minis Collectable Plush – £1

Collectable gifts are a really great way to give something physical which they enjoy, but then converts into a potential hobby. Funko are a really popular collectable currently, and considering brands are not usually available in budget shopping, it’s a great option for a wide age range. These Funko Spiderman Mystery Minis Collectables are perfect to adapt to your budget, whether you decide to get one or multiple, it’s a gift which keeps on giving (by someone who fancies buying even more).

children's party gifts

5. Homemade Gifts

One alternative to party gifts for kids is one which doesn’t necessarily require you getting out the wallet. Homemade gifts are delightfully personal way of giving without spending too much. Especially for kids who are less judgemental around receiving presents (as lets not forget, all babies see a set of keys as the most amazing creation known to mankind). You can start your creative juices flowing with this Homemade Marshmallow gun idea.

6. Dinosaur Fossil Glow In The Dark Digging Kit – £1

As children are impressionable beings, gifts have the power to influence their lives. Why not give the Dinosaur Fossil Glow In The Dark Digging Kit for some messy but prehistoric fun. Who knows? You may inspire a kid to follow the footsteps of Ross from the Friends TV show and become a palaeontologist. Moreover, there are other career opportunities such as engineering with the Crystal Bricks Mini Vehicle Building Bricks Set. Both of these are available for only £1!

children's party gifts

7. Kids Colour in Mug – £1.79

Depending on the time of year, this Kids Colour in Christmas Mug might be a brilliantly affordable to get your child’s friend. The beauty of this and other types of paint-at-home sets is the fact that it is a gender neutral gift. It’s not to say girls can’t play with race car and boys can’t play with dolls. However, it is perfect as it can be used by a variety of personalities, as let’s face it, who doesn’t love to paint your own pottery.

8. Disney Star Wars Girls Pink Single Duvet Set – £5

The difficult with buying gifts for children, is especially at younger ages a lot of toys will be grown out of and thrown in the bottom of a chest of drawers somewhere in the bedroom. However, we have found the perfect resolution. The Disney Star Wars Girls Pink Single Duvet Set does an amazing job at getting a kid something they are into, such as Star Wars, but provides practical benefits which doesn’t add clutter. This might be better for closer friends who know the bed size, or you can always drop the parent a message to ask. Other options such as Disney Princess Power Reversible Dream Big Single Duvet Set and Disney Star Wars Reversible Red & White Single Duvet Set.

children's party gifts

9. Grey Cable Knit Bobble Hat – £3

Not all gifts for kids parties have to be colourful or covered in plastic. Other gifts are well received such as this Grey Cable Knit Bobble Hat by ASDA George. It may not have the affect as the latest and greatest toys (although, have you seen the kid receiving an avocado as a gift video?). However, variety is what is perfect when receiving gifts at parties

10. Match 4, Four in a Row – £1

Keeping it traditional with a practical twist is the Match 4 Mini Four In A Row Game. Not only is it great for encouraging children to share a game with friends and family, it’s perfect for slipping into a backpack for family trips and sleepovers. Available for £1 is a great buy, especially if you wanted to do a budget gift hamper. Other small gifts can be found at Toys for a pound.

children's party gifts

Time to choose!

Our top picks support the decision making of buying gifts for kids with various personalities and preferences. It goes to show not all gifts have to break the bank and we hope you find some gems in the list which fit well within your budget to see you though the seemingly never ending party merry-go-round we all seem to be on as parents!


*This is a collaborative post 

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  1. oh wow these are such perfect ideas and I am loving the price of them. It is so nice for your child to get invited to parties, but it does all add up over a year with three children!

  2. Great ideas. Kids often aren’t fussed about expensive toys and you can shop about for nice little bits cheaply. One of my daughter’s favourite christmas presents was a hamper made of a show box covered in wrapping paper and filled wtih some cheap smellies and stick on nails from Primark!

  3. Gifts for party bags are always really tricky as you don’t want to spend too much but you want it to be something they’ll actually play with for a bit.

    I love homemade gift ideas, one of my favourites was to make your own play doh and put it in a jar with some cookie cutters or to put the dry ingredients for baking cookies with the instructions.

  4. This is such a great guide! You don’t need splash out on hundreds to make your little ones feel special and appreciated – I believe it’s in the little things!

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