Christmas day outfit ideas: what to wear on Christmas Day

christmas day outfit ideas

Are you looking for some Christmas day outfit ideas? It can be hard to know what to wear on Christmas Day…you want to be cosy and comfortable, yet also look festive too. Well fret not, were we team up with Femme Luxe to share some different Christmas day outfit ideas that go beyond a Christmas jumper!

Idea #1: The casual yet festive look

Let’s face it… by the time we’ve stuffed ourselves silly with Christmas dinner, we will be yearning for something comfy. This loungewear set is the perfect option to take you through the transition out of pyjamas on Christmas Day morning, right the way through Christmas lunch and until you fall asleep in front of the TV on the sofa whilst watching the Queen’s speech. The ideal option for those who would really rather not have to get out of their pyjamas on Christmas Day. You’re not quite in your pyjamas, but also not trussed up like a turkey either. The perfect inbetween!

Idea #2: The super cosy knit dress

For those ready to graduate from pyjamas but not quite ready to go all out with their Christmas regalia, a knitted jumper dress is a superb option. OK so big deal, it’s a oversized grey jumper – you may be thinking. But the key here is to accessorise darling! It really is as simple at that. I dug out my old tartan tights which are the quintessential way of adding a bit of colour and festivity, without feeling like you’re going OTT. Pop on a sequinned santa hat and you’re done.

Idea #3: The one with the festive trousers

If you like to have a bit of fun with your Christma Day look but still want something a bit practical, then you need a pair of tartan trousers in your life! These babies really only ever make it out come December but it’s worth having them for a festive apperance day in day out. I’ve teamed them up here with a white body suit plus I’m wearing my new Wrap Around Ponytail Extension from Cliphair which literally knocks about 20 years off how I look. Don’t ask me how, it’s pure wizardry I’m telling you!

Idea 4: Wholesome glam

I can’t resist a swooshy skirt come Christmas Day. It’s the perfect way of chanelling your inner Disney Princess (who am I kidding LOL?). But seriously, for a bit of instant glamour a pleated skirt in a festive dress is a win-win for Christmas Day. I’ve teamed this one up with the same white runched body suit from above and stolen my daughter’s sequined bow headband for a little bit of sparkle (shhhh don’t tell her!) – the ultimate fuss-free way of adding a bit of sparkle without looking like a glitter ball.

So there you have it, four Christmas day outfit ideas for any taste and effort level. Which is your favourite? Let me know in a comment below.


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