Christmas gift ideas for 5 year old girls: 50 days of Christmas with Boots

gift ideas for 5 year old girls

Have you got a five year old girl knocking around the house who is asking daily how many days are left until Christmas, what Christmas gifts Santa is going to bring her, and even if Santa is real (GULP!!!!)? If your house is anything like mine right now there is a lot of talk centring around Christmas gift ideas for 5 year old girls. The thing is, it’s hard to lump 5 year old girls together because they are SO individual, and that’s something that should be well and truly celebrated. So I’ve teamed up with Boots – who have a variety of gifting options from fab gifts for children, beauty buys, adventurous gift experiences, creative stocking fillers and so much more –  to share my Christmas gift ideas for 5 year old girls here:

Lego Friends Advent Calendar (£18)

I love the idea of unique advent calendars, and although I’m slightly scared at the reaction I’ll get from my daughter to a non-chocolate advent calendar, I’m willing to take a punt on this and hoping that the fact each day will bring a different Lego surprise and oodles of play and creation possibilities will far outstrip the no chocolate factor! I love the fact that each day will bring a new piece to add to my daughter’s ever growing Lego collection – and hoping she will too!

gift ideas for 5 year old girls

Hot Wheels Roto Revolution (£47.99)

You may be thinking – hmmm…this is not a typical Christmas gift idea for 5 year old girls – but sometimes that’s exactly what they need! If there is one thing our girl loves nothing more it’s to play with her Daddy, and so actually I chose this gift as a great way to create father-daughter bonding time as it’s something that they can play with together – and also bring out the fierce in her! I can already hear the shrieks of delight in our house as Dad and daughter battle it out with this rotating set – there is going to be a lot of crashing and smashing involved!

Christmas gift ideas for 5 year old girls

My Little Pony Shower Gel Set (£6)

When it comes Christmas gift ideas for 5 year old girls, I think it’s important that there are some practical items in there. My daughter, like many five year olds, is a huge My Little Pony fan. I know she will absolutely love creating loads of bubbles with this set at bathtime, and playing with the four different Pony shapes.

Leapfrog World Atlas & STEM Activity Books (£10 each)

Five year olds LOVE to learn and so when it comes to Christmas gift ideas for 5 year old girls I think it’s really important to include an educational element. I know my daughter will really love these interactive, activity books from Leapfrog which talk, sing and come to life with 30+ super-fun, replayable activities covering People & Places and Global Awareness to complement 21st century learning for their age group.

She loves fact-finding so I know she’ll hugely enjoy using map skills, identifying continents, exploring world cultures, understanding space study and exploring the solar system with these.

gift ideas for 5 year old girls

And last but not least….

Cra-Z-Slimy Creations (£10)
No Christmas bounty would be complete this year without some slime now would it?  Fast moving, ooey, gooey fun in the form of this kit which  includes everything you need to make your very own slime! Our daughter is relatively new to the slime craze but I know she – like many others – will love experimenting with glitter, sequins and googly-eyed slime! What five year old wouldn’t love that???!gift ideas for 5 year old girls
Boots have so much to offer in their Christmas gifts range and they have a fab 3 for 2 mix and match offer which you can take advantage of in their Christmas shop which means that not only can you get much of your Christmas gift shopping sorted there but also make some savings while doing so. Yasssss! So why not also check out their Christmas gifts for him so you can also get Daddy’s presents sorted too?

What gifts have you got your eye on for your children and what gifts from Boots are you considering for your loved oneS and friends this Christmas?

*This post is in conjunction with Boots but all opinions are my own


  1. Some great choices – I am sure the lego will go down well. The Leapfrog products are really excellent – you’re right about learning rapped up with play. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.

  2. I would never really think of buying kids Christmas presents in boots but there are actually loads of gifts on this list that my five year old son would love too xx

  3. Thanks for these – they’d all be great for my 6-year-old daughter, too! I really must get her a Lego advent calendar one year. I know she’d love it.

  4. I’ve never thought about buying children’s gifts from Boots, but what a fab selection! I do buy children’s clothes from their mini club though as they are gorgeous!

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