Christmas presents for mums who need sleep

presents for mums

In my next installment of gift guides for Christmas, we’re going to bring it back to the most important person in the house – mama! And I thought seeing as essentially, we are all absolutely knackered at this (or any) time of year that this gift guide for mum would be centered around one thing and one thing only – precious sleep! So, for every mum who is feeling seriously tired out there, if you don’t know what to get us…I’ve teamed up with in this gift guide which can act as your guiding light:

Total darkness and some decent shut eye

Time to pay back us mamas for all those hours of sleep stolen away from us. Give mama a peaceful night’s sleep with this gorge and uber luxe silk eye mask from Sara Miller. They are available in four designs; flamingos, swans, birds and butterflies but as you can see, I’m partial to a bit of flamingo.

presents for mum

Price: £25

Some pyjamas worth sleeping in (because she’s worth it!)

Come on, mum needs to get out of that craggy t-shirt and moth-hole infested hareem pants combo and into some proper sleepwear! OK, so it will probably end up getting encrusted with milky spit up and Rice Krispies on day one, but hopefully the floral pattern of these lovely PsJ from Joules will cunningly hide those misdemeanours.

presents for mums Price: £59.95

A calming aroma in a candle

A little night music in a hand poured candle, with heady notes of powder, iris and amber at the heart of this fragrance, and infused with a rich musk base and a touch of elemi on top. This Bella Freud candle is probably the most luxurious way mum will ever get rid of that lingering nappy smell in the house.

presents for mumsPrice: £45

An insanely comfy bathrobe

Make mum feel like she’s floating on a Philedelphia  cloud, or perhaps turned into a lovely squidgy marshmallow in this super snugly bathrobe from UGG which will enable her to transfer from bath to bed seamlessly after a hard day of mumming it.

presents for mum

Price: Was £120, now £96

Some slippers that will make her feet feel like she is in bed even when she’s not

Seriously sumptuous luxury courtsey of these Sheepy slipper boots from Ruby + Ed is basically what every mum desires when she stumbles in the door. Perfect for making her feel like she is horizontal even when bed time feels like a painfully long time away.

presents for mumWas £40, now £28

A seriously fluffy hot water bottle

You can see a theme emerging here can’t you? Basically when it comes to sleep, the fluffier the better – so forget those horrid knit covered water bottles us sleep deprived mums need a faux fur one! Chinchilla style. And this one will do the trick nicely.

presents for mum

Price: £54

Goodness I’m feeling sleepy writing this! OK, it may not bring back the endless hours of sleep stolen from mum, but at least these gifts could go some way in making up for the sleep deprivation.

Are you a mum who needs sleep? What do you think about the above gifts? Do share in a comment below.

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  1. such a fantastic and handy gift guide. Lots of us parents could use more sleep I’m sure. Love the eye mask and the candle.

  2. You have hit the nail on the head with this one! I got a seriously cosy dressing gown last year and I love it, would wear it everywhere if I could. Slippers a must for mums every year afterall we never sit down so they get worn quickly. I would love everything on this list, I am all about sleepwear and relaxation… not that I get much of it.

  3. This is like the ultimate wish list for a cosy night in! I’d love a hot water bottle in my stocking… I’m not a fan of this cold weather!

  4. I don’t know any mums who DON’T need more sleep! I could definitely use a new bathrobe and cozy slippers. #coolmumclub

  5. Oh my word, yes please, I’ll have them all! But could someone arrange a couple of nights without the husband and child. Then I could really sleep and relax #coolmumclub

  6. Those pj’s are gorgeous! I always say if I could choose one thing I would have a night in a hotel all to myself, no interruptions. Just a bath, book and sleep! Maybe room service . As that’s not going to happen in the next 10 years of say this gift list could fill a void! Great list #coolmumclub

  7. A new DG and PJs are already on my list! Nothing beats new bed wear – or should that be day wear as I’m in it most days from 6pm lol.

    Hope the hubby gets the hints! Thanks for being such a fab co host and here’s hoping we get some sleep this Christmas too 😉

  8. As soon as I read the title of this I was excited. (Mom of 13mo teething and sick baby right here!)

    I would love ALL OF THESE THINGS. Especially the night PJs, candle and slippers. It’s really all us mom’s want, isn’t it? I’d take a morning of sleeping in, not having to change diapers for a single morning and/or a few hours of quiet over a physical present any day!
    Great ideas here, all we need to do is direct our husbands to this page next holiday season… 😉
    Thanks for sharing!

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