To the companies who keep calling and calling

companies keep calling

Do you know what is one the most irritating things in the world? A company that has got hold of your phone number and keeps calling and calling you.

Yes, I may have picked up the phone once to see you and fained vague interest. But hey, unless you are a total thick skinned rhinoceros you will have notice that I fobbed you off and asked you to call me back another time to talk.

But I didn’t pick up. Not the first, third, fourth or fifth time.

And not the thirty times (and counting) after that.

You’re like a sad lech that managed to get my number in a weak drunken moment and now won’t take a hint. You’re like a dog with a bone that just won’t let go….grrrr.

You’re like a shark that smelt the faintest trait of human blood and now is on the case to hunt me down and seal the deal in a nuisance call.

Every time the phone rings – it’s you. It’s you calling and disturbing my daughter’s bedtime. It’s you calling me as I’m trying to get out the house to do nursery pick up. Or get breakfast on the table. It’s you calling at every important moment, persisting like a big pussy zit on my face.

Just stop!

Just stop encroaching and violating my daily life, and I suspect….so many others.

Why do companies think it’s ok to keep calling and calling? Why do they think it’s ok to keep trying for the right moment every day of the week, right around the clock?

Because when you’re a parent the fact remains – there is no right moment.

If I wanted what you had to offer, I would pick up, submit, maybe things would flourish into something beautiful. But right now, you’re like a bad ex who needs a restraining order. Or perhaps a company who needs to be sued.

But there’s no need to get nasty. Just stop calling ok?

Do you suffer from companies who don’t know when enough is enough when it comes to relentlessly calling you back? Do leave a comment and share below.

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