Hello my beauties and a big old Autumnal welcome to you all! I hope the week has been treating you all well and that you’ve been enjoying the year’s last smile of Autumn which we have been having this week.


So this weekend sees lots of peeps going to Brit Mums Live – can we have show of hands of who’s going? Please leave a comment or Tweet us if you are because Sarah and I would love to find you there. 

Some love for last week’s favourites….

Mine was…


The tale of the princess and the bull*** inner critic – time to put an end to that annoying little voice in our minds once and for all!

Sarah’s was…


Everything you need to know about becoming a mum of two – in case you didn’t know, it’s spelled out for you right here!

This week I’m linking up with….

15 + ways to teach our daughters to be body positive – let’s set the paving stones to ensure our girls can love themselves, starting with this!


The ugly side of blogging – because although I love blogging, it ain’t always rosy – I blow the lid off some of the negs here

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Tears at the classroom


Making family memories tangible with Freeprints

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Right then let’s rock n roll! Love Talya & Sarah xoxo

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