The curse of the pre-pregnancy jeans

pre-pregnancy jeans

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There they are… just winking at you 😉

You’re massively pregnant and have opted for the comfort of either the trendy under-bumps or the what you think is the more ‘slimming’ over-bump maternity jean with the most enormous amount of material you’ve ever seen!  Either choice at the moment is the right choice as comfort is key, but that doesn’t stop you from thinking about how long it’s going to take you to get back into your favourite pre-pregnancy jeans or what we now call the PPJs!

“I’m blooming massive”

I don’t mind sharing with you that I gained over three stone when I was pregnant and I’m only 5ft 2in so it didn’t set well.  I know everyone said that I was ‘blooming’ and I was, blooming massive! As kind as they were being, I was acutely aware that day after day, more and more clothes were going into the loft for ‘storage’, later to become a huge donation to the charity shop!

Like most curvy girls I’ve always struggled to find what I call a ‘decent’ pair of jeans at a reasonable price.  A good day-to-night pair in different shades that don’t give you the look of a builder when you bend over… until I went to New York with my sister and realised the American’s sell jeans in half sizes! Woo hoo!

The PPJs were purchased and I lived them, and quite frankly they made me feel good. Thank you GAP New York.

So, whether your jeans are D&G, Levis, All Saints or just a trusty pair of Topshop classics, it’s a curse that haunts all of us mum’s when pregnant.  The question that’s on the tip of the tongue and none of us want to mention out loud… will I EVER actually fit back into those jeans?

“The PPJs went on a sabbatical”

So it’s been a fair few months now since the PPJs went on their sabbatical.  Little baby boo is here and I’m getting that niggling feeling every time I open the wardrobe door.  And there they are, winking at me again.

So how do we deal with this?  Buy new ones? Frantically exercise and hope to shed those pounds? Just squeeze into them? Do nothing? Well we need to do something that’s for sure.

I think we have several ways to deal with the curse of the PPJs:

  1. Be realistic – You’ve had a baby.  You may get back down to the same weight but the fact is your shape has changed, your hips are bigger and realistically opting for a high waisted fit is a good option.  Honestly, is that really that bad? Go out and treat yourself to an awesome new pair as quite frankly you deserve it.
  2. Be optimistic – The classic Topshop’s are still in the front of the wardrobe are they? Do you look at them every day and when you have a good sort out of clothes you still keep them because you know how amazing you felt when you wore those jeans?  Good for you.  Optimism is good and we should all wear clothes that make us feel good. Maybe you could hit the gym with the girls tonight or take up the offer of that powerwalk playdate with the baby mummies to help you on your way? Take your time and think about your next move, maybe over a bit of cake!
  3. Not a problem – You did it! You don’t know how or when it happened but it did and you’re back in them! Well done you! We’re high-fiving you right now, but just want to say that if getting back into your PPJs means we’ve got to stop eating cake or drinking prosecco then we don’t want to know! Well done though!

So there you have it. Whether you back in them, wanting to get back in them or have binned them off completely for a classic jegging from M&S (my current favourite), either way ladies, you all look awesome x

Author bio: Louise is mum to Isla boo who’s two years old and lives near Ely in Cambridgeshire.  She works part-time as a marketing manager for the NHS and recently starting running a sweet little campaign called ‘Tips for tiny tots’, giving parents in her local area tips, advice and general information of how to get through that minefield of the first 18 months of being a parent.  Scary times I think you’ll all agree!  Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and read her latest blog Boobies and Bottles.


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