5 unique ways to customise your own engagement or wedding ring

customising your own engagement or wedding ring

What’s that I hear? The sound of wedding bells in the distance? Are you looking for the perfect engagement or wedding ring to tie the knot with?

Well, for the past 100 years, the standard way of shopping for an engagement ring, wedding bands or diamond jewellry has been to go into a traditional jewellery store, ask your local jeweller what is available and then making a choice from that selection.

But times have changed. Thanks to innovations of the last 10 years in 3D design and 3D printing, it is now possible and affordable for more people to create unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that not only reflects your unique style and personality, but also adds an incredibly personal touch to one of the most emotional possessions you’re likely to have in your life. 

These days, customisation of engagement and wedding rings reigns supreme including details of the design, the type of gems or diamonds used or finishing touches like hand-engraving or milgrain. So if you’re thinking about how you can customize your engagement or wedding ring, here’s a little inspiration that online retailer Rare Pink has shared with me:

Animal inspired

 customising your own engagement or wedding ring

Round ruby with hand engraved dragon detail set in 18 carat rose gold

Dragons, hedgehogs, lobsters, whales… just a few of the many animal-inspired rings possible. If you have a special connection to a certain animal as a couple – as exemplified with this dragon ring above – then you can get a ring inspired by that connection.

Add a touch of colour

 customising your own engagement or wedding ring

Emerald cut yellow sapphire with diamond baguettes and platinum bead-set diamond band

Most diamond rings have only white diamonds. A touch of colour can really make a simple ring more interesting and beautiful, and coloured gemstones are a big trend right nowSapphires come in blue, pink, yellow and purples. Rubies can be used for a touch of red and emeralds are famous for their stunning green hue.

Engraving for that vintage feel

 customising your own engagement or wedding ring

Four engraving patterns from top to bottom: vine, wave, small wheat & large wheat pattern

Master engravers are artisans and are a rare breed in a world filled with technologies replacing skilled workers. However, what they can do with their hands and tools is utterly stunning. Just take a look at the custom design that has been hand-engraved above!

Mixed-metals if you can’t decide on one

 customising your own engagement or wedding ring

Emerald-cut diamond and emerald ‘moi et toi’ ring. Set in both platinum and 18 carat yellow gold with bead-set diamond band.

Most people will choose a single metal type – yellow, rose or white gold, or platinum. But if you can’t decide and would like to have a ring which incorporates both, that’s possible too.

Quirky and weird

 customising your own engagement or wedding ring

Laser-engraved earrings with ruby halo

What if you can wear your loved one’s voice as earrings?

The company can capture a word or phrase when spoken and visualise it to show the unique tone and sound of a person’s voice. WOW!  The earrings above allowed this lucky lady to always have her husband’s voice with her, everywhere she goes, laser-engraved and surrounded by sapphires. Amazing. 

*This is a collaborative post 


  1. I found it very difficult to chose my engagement and wedding rings, so can imagine being able to add some design of your own is a really worthwhile idea. (Janet Robertson-Peverley on FB)

  2. My husband did a beautiful job of picking out my engagement ring, He picked a Peridot tear drop stone which is his and our son’s birth stone, surrounded by a Celtic Triquetra knot on each side of the stone which represents ‘love, honor and protect’. My wedding ring is a white gold Celtic infinity knot band from Ireland (Which is a symbol of my maiden name Lynch)
    My husband’s wedding band was my late grandfather’s, gifted to him by my grandmother as a blessing to our marriage. They were married for almost 50 years.
    For us this really made our weddings rings even that much more special.

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