Dealspotr review: A truck of deals and coupons in one spot



If you’re anything like me, you’ll love a good old bargain, but sometimes the time it takes to snuffle these out individually can be incredibly frustrating and also make it seem not worth the effort. And then there’s the mega frustration that comes when you find out that the coupon or deal you’ve finally laid your hands on has expired.

And with this in mind, along came Dealspotr,  a digital offers platform which is gunning to be the Google, Wikipedia, Facebook or Pinterest of deal spotting, driven by real people, aiming to get you the best deal on anything in real-time.

I’ve been giving it a whirl and so far, I’d definitely say Dealspotr is worth a look – the menu lets you easily jump around to the different types of deals you might be offer like promo codes, product deals, online sales, and you can also sort the deals by interest…. so whether it be food and drink, crafts or fashion that floats your boat, you can  beeline it straight to the deals that make your heart aflutter.


Beyond regular deals and promo codes, Dealspotr also shoes single-use codes, personal referral codes, and 3rd party deals that can snag you that extra discount in ways you wouldn’t necessarily find on other coupon sites.

One thing that’s really great about Dealspotr is that you can create a personal feed (much like your Facebook news feed) containing all the deals you might be interested in each day – hurrah! no more deal emails clogging up your inbox.

Another interesting aspect of  Dealspotr is that you earn rewards and income for contributing to the community by validating deals, adding and editing deals to earn points which definitely gives it a more collaborative feel and which also helps to collectively keep the quality of the site. It’s also super easy to and quick to post deals, so it’s an absolute no brainer on that front. In a nutshell,  it’s comparable to a cash back site, but its unique in that you don’t actually need to purchase anything to earn rewards…just simply participate.


The beauty of it is that as a member, your activity on the site is limited until you raise your quality score which acts as a natural filter to silly people trying to post silly unhelpful deals and coupons.

There are A LOT of deals and coupons for a mega amount of stores and products all of which have been checked and verified so if you’ve been burnt by coupon and deal sites before this Dealspotr could just be the thing to win you over again.

A note to my UK readers – while the site is currently technically based in the US, there are plenty of UK brands and deals and a  quick poke around unearthed deals for John Lewis, Smashbox, Time to Spa, Snapfish plus much more and hopefully as more UK members join this will see the amount increase like for link.

So while many of us might start our search for coupons and deals hunts on Google which CAN lead to a lot of time fruitlessly spent as you discover expired, fake and inaccurate coupons and deals (grrrrrr!), it could potentially be smarter and a whole lot less frustrating to start your hunt on Dealspotr where the checking has already be done for you thanks to the crowdsourcing benefits it brings with it. Here’s an interesting accuracy study they recently undertook which is well worth a read here.

Since launching one year ago, Dealspotr has saved shoppers over $15 million with over 2 million shoppers per month, and is one of the fastest-growing deal sites. So if you’re a keen coupon and deal hunter, does Dealspotr sound like something you would try? Or perhaps you’ve already tried it and have some feedback to share. Either way, do feel free to leave a comment below!

*This is a collaborative post however all opinions are my own. 




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