Don’t miss this massive new kitchen gadgets giveaway with CoolStuff #WIN

I can’t resist a good new kitchen gadgets, can you?  Anything to make things easier in the kitchen for us, the parents. That’s why I’m super excited to let you know that I’ve teamed up with CoolStuff – THE site for cool unusual and fun gadgets that you never knew existed but will most certainly want in your life once you discover they do – for this kitchen gadget giveaway.

So what can you win? Well, if you pride yourself on having a foodie kitchen and you are a self confessed kitchen hack lover them I know you will just love this haul of new kitchen gadgets up for grabs which is worth over £200!  So let me reveal what they are here:

Pizza Oven

Make your own pizza or bake a frozen one in the KitchPro Pizza Oven. The oven has a ceramic baking stone and dual heating elements. Your pizza is perfectly baked with a wonderful crispy crust in about 10 minutes!

new kitchen gadgets

Duo waffle bowl iron

What’s better than a waffle bowl? Several waffle bowls, of course! Serve wispy waffles like never before with the KitchPro Duo Waffle Bowl Iron! The waffle iron quickly makes two bowl-shaped waffles that you can fill with goodies like ice cream, or fruit, or even bacon and eggs!

new kitchen gadgets

Micro grill

Do you only use your microwave oven for popcorn and your pack lunch? With the Micro Grill, you can fry meat, fish, poultry and hot sandwiches directly in the microwave oven! The food is given a fine fried surface and can be prepared without any added fat, all in just a few minutes!

new kitchen gadgets

Cotton candy machine

The fairgrounds would have us think that making cotton candy is like rocket science, but it isn’t! All you need is sugar and a cotton candy machine to get the perfect cotton candy in just a few minutes!

new kitchen gadgets

Mini donut maker

Just like a waffle iron for mini doughnuts! Heat up the machine, pour in the batter, wait a few minutes and then remove the perfect mini doughnut!

new kitchen gadgets

Minipresso NS

Fix an espresso no matter where you are! Minipresso NS is handy to carry along, easy to use and easy to clean. All you need is a Nespresso capsule and hot water – and in a flash you can get the perfect espresso!

new kitchen gadgets

Well I think you would agree that is an amazing new kitchen gadgets haul right there! Fancy winning it? Then…..

Enter on my giveaways page

new kitchen gadgets


  1. I love the pizza oven – it would be fantastic to make our own pizzas plus using it for frozen pizzas should hopefully work out better than bunging them in the oven :o)

  2. Would so love to try the pizza maker , to make my own pizza with different toppings would be fantastic as i’m a celiac and cook all my food from scratch. The food is so expensive and the pizzas are rubbish.

  3. I’d use the minipresso the most as I love my coffee throughout the day. It’s what keeps me going and stress free

  4. The pizza oven would be my first choice, I haven’t quite mastered home made pizza yet, so hopefully this would help!

  5. For me it would have to be the candy floss maker because I’ve never seen anything like it before & it would be perfect for weekend treats for my girls

  6. Would be fun to make candy flosses on the cotton candy machine, but the italian in me is saying the pizza machine 🙂

  7. Wow this is a great haul! I actually am very short in the kitchen gadgets area, but I do always lust after them, just never get round to buying any. I would love to try the pizza oven and the mini grill. They just look so convenient and as someone who has real trouble bending to use my oven, I think having them on the counter top would be really beneficial to me!

  8. The pizza oven would be the one id love to try and would use most often, my fiance, I and our three children love pizza

  9. We have a lot our kids birthday parties at home and so the candy floss maker would be fantastic to get out for them, plus the rest of the items would be great to make things for the parties too, doughnuts, waffles, and coffee for the parents would especially go down a treat

  10. The Minipresso NS because I am the coffee queen. When I’m out and about in my area, I hesitate to buy coffee in many cafes as it is often weak, tasteless catering grade coffee. I would much rather make my own.

  11. I’m totally in love with the pizza oven – imagining all the wonderful taste combinations we could create and how economical it would be …. takeaway pizza has got so expensive and some of it is quite poor quality

  12. I’d love the minipresso. I’d be able to pop it in my bag when visiting my mum who makes dreadful instant coffee

  13. Just feast your eyes on the donut maker. My fav without a doubt. All my family would be munching away at those circles of heaven. Nom nom.

  14. Sorry, going for the pizza oven too! it would be so much fun to make with the kids, and you can make it as healthy or naughty as you like!

  15. I love cooking and baking, and I love gadgets, so this prize is a dream come true for me! I’m a pizza lover so that would definitely be my first choice and the one I would play with first if I was lucky enough to win!

  16. Love to try the nespresso machine as love my coffee! And the doughnut maker to have something to eat with my coffee!!!

  17. I love the mini toastie maker, we love cheese an ham toasties for lunch, so easy to store away, not taking much cupboard space, and it would be something we would use several times a week.

  18. Love the idea of those little waffle bowls. I’m feeling hungry just thinking about all the yummy things I could serve in them.

  19. I would love to try the cotton candy machine because I want to know if it’s as nice homemade as bought freshly made and my niece and nephews would love it.

  20. I’d love to try the dual waffle bowl iron. I’ve used most of the other gadgets at various times but have never made waffles in a waffle iron. Would love to try it!!

  21. I too would use the Pizza oven first, I love making my own and experimenting with different toppings. I love the idea of making mini donughts too!

  22. I would definitely love to use the mini grill the most! I love fried fish to crisp up the skin..etc but I can never be bothered to do it so I end up just bunging it in the microwave and having soggy skin…best of both worlds here! Would be amazing for sandwiches too 🙂

  23. I’d love to use all of those, but my absolute fave would be the cotton candy maker, I think we would have a lot of fun with that one as I have a bunch of small kiddies. It would do well for parties and making stuff for school events too!

  24. the cotton candy machine because it would bring back memories of my first job back in the 70s making candyfloss! i loved it and used to make the biggest candyflosses ever!

  25. OMG, those waffle bowls! I have two teenagers who’d love that not to mention the pizza oven! We’d certainly put them all to the test in our house.

  26. I’d love the Pizza Oven most as we love making our own as a family and to be able to cook them in a special oven would be even better

  27. I love a kitchen gadget so it’s really hard to pick but I’m going to have to say the pizza oven just because me & my little girl have been making a lot of pizzas lately and we’re getting pretty good at it, well that is until I overstretch the dough and make a hole in the middle but I’m still learning.

  28. I would be so excited to own the pizza oven. I love making my own pizza’s, this would really help perfect their finish!

  29. The dual waffle bowl iron as my waffles never turn out right when I attempt to make them myself. This would make things so much easier.

  30. omg i need all these gadgets now, how amazing are they all, love the pizza oven and hubby would love the coffee machine.

  31. The candy floss machine – the best candy floss I’ve ever eaten was made with maple syrup. But that was in the US – I’d like to try making some myself!

  32. I would love the Pizza oven, like others my kids love making their own pizza, its the one time I manage to get Veggies into them plus they learn how to feed themselves! lol x

  33. The minipresso – Ive never seen one before but what a fab idea , I’m also back on coffee after having my son and cant get enough.

  34. EVERYTHING would make my life easier the kids love pizza and doughnuts,the hubby a great tasting coffee and candy floss treats for them all. But my favourite and the one i would most use is the micro grill for quick and easy snacks x

  35. I work for a small local charity, I would love the cotton candy machine to use with some of the kids I work with! I think my own kids would get a HUGE kick out of it too.

  36. I’m going to be a big kid now and say the cotton candy maker. Omg candy floss at home? Yes please!

    P.s the kids would like it too.. if I could bring myself to share haha x

  37. The Pizza Oven, my grandchildren love making pizza and my son would love the Sandwich Toaster to create his favourite snack

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