Dr Doolally: Domestic Dilemmas Discussed issue 2

domestic dilemmas

Hello lovely people! Hot off the heels of the hugely popular first issue of our new agony aunt column Dr Doolally: Domestic Dilemmas Discussed, I’m excited to unleash our second edition into the blogosphere!

We are absolutely loving the honesty in which you lovely lot are coming forward with your queries and quandaries. Keep ’em coming! In this issue we turn our attention to getting the balance right in parenting, housework hell and the one with the toddler tantrums.


Domestic dilemma #1: Balancing boundaries


How do I get the balance in allowing my child to become independent, whilst still setting boundaries?

domestic dilemmas


I feel your pain. Boundaries and independence are somewhat of an oxymoron but the boundaries need to exist in order for the independence to be achieved. I think the key thing to think about is that boundaries can change.

For example:

My 2 year old likes to run. Everywhere. My instinct is to STOP him running in case he falls over. This morning, I took a deep breath and let him run. I stay close behind in case he falls.

This morning he fell and I explained to him that’s why mummy says to walk. He’s realised I was trying to protect him. He now runs a little more carefully

Independence achieved. We both feel better. This can be applied to lots of situations and a mutual respect can be found between you and your child. 

Domestic dilemma #2: Housework hell


How do I encourage my kids to do their little jobs like making their beds without being reminded?


Let’s be realistic. They need reminding. However, I have a very strict weekly house-cleaning regime. This really helps with my anxieties and keeps my OCDs in check.

Mondays – Kids’ room

Tuesdays – Master bedroom

Wednesdays – Bathroom (my fave!)

Thursdays – Living Room

Fridays – Deep clean kitchen

I have a housecleaning box that I keep filled and organised. The boys have their own dusters and they love getting involved and helping. I believe eventually they will just get used to doing it.

The mantra in our house is… ‘no one likes a dirty house’!

Domestic dilemma #3: Toddler tantrums


How you deal with toddler meltdowns when out and about?


Do not panic. Do a quick risk assessment. Can they hurt themselves? Can they hurt others? If not, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

I think it’s wonderful how toddlers express themselves. They are so frustrated when they can’t communicate. They boil faster than a kettle. You cannot reason with them when they are in the zone.

Hopefully it won’t last too long and before you know it, you’ve placated them with a distraction and tested the strength of your antiperspirant at the same time.

Big deep breath and never return to the scene of the crime. 


So that’s all for this month’s dilemmas! Do they sound familiar? I’m betting the answer is a resounding yes! If you have a domestic dilemma that you’d like discussed, we would love to hear from you. Email Dr Doolally at totallygoingdoolally@gmail.com and your dilemma will be treated absolutely anonymously!

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