Dreaming of a summer birthday party

summer birthday party

Being an October baby myself, and pretty much cursing the fact that my birthday is always accompanied by howling wind and rain, when I had a June baby, I was absolutely over the moon that her birthday would always fall during a summer month…albeit it a British summer one.

And now the daffodils are out and it looks like Spring is here – hurrah! I can’t help but count down the months to her next birthday – when she will be four – and dream about summer party venues in London fit for a four year old.

Being a blogger, the reality of what we’ll be doing for her birthday party will depend on my unpredictable earnings over the coming months, and so here is my birthday party venue wish list by budget!


Richmond Park

Pitch up by a tree, spread a picnic rug, make it a pot luck,  tie some balloons to some branches and keep it wild and free. The best things in life are free after all…

Our house

Yes, I know call me crazy, but I would open up our home to a bunch of crazes four year olds. Last time I did this, they all ended up in our bedroom, naked, and I found a pair of skid-marked superhero pants in our bed, god help us.


Hampton Hill Cricket Club

Picture the scene, hosting a quintessential children’s fourth birthday party in the beautiful surroundings of London’s Bushy Park. Question is, will I have the finances and am I mental to let a bunch of four year olds run loose in such a place?

Pirate Party at The Floating Showroom

A pirate adventure with fearsome pirates Bonny Blade and Calico Jack aboard the Floating Showroom. But will the party end up with this burn out mum having to walk the plank?

The Terrace at The Deptford Lounge

I can’t resist a terrace party, you know it’s that bright and vibrant feel of being up high….but the question is…can we trust those four year olds to not make like monkeys and stay contained within?

Wahhhhh! Hit the jackpot!

London Zoo

Yes I know, totally insane but you never know I might land a multi million You Tube contract for my videos a la Zoella (haha yeah right dream on Talya!!). But seriously, is London Zoo not the venue to top all children’s party venues or what? BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!!!

Of course, I know in my heart of hearts where the party will really be (read: trashed house), but a mama can dream can’t she?

What are your skinted and minted options for a children’s summer birthday party? Do share in a comment below.
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