GUEST POST: Best Easter gifts for toddlers

Easter gifts for toddlers

Gifting on Easter is directly proportional to chocolates. But can’t there be a unique and different way that can be way better than the usual chocolate egg? Yes, there are a number of gift options for toddlers on this special day and guess what? They last longer too!

Let’s explore some of the best Easter gifts for toddlers

  1. Haribo Easter Fun Bucket: Although it is a substitute for chocolate with 32 mini pouches of sweets, the fun with small surprise in one bucket makes it exciting. The bucket also has certain tips and tricks to be followed by Kids. The most important one is the use of the bucket post-Easter. How about that? Kids will love it.
  2. Printed Easter egg: Toddlers love the way a big egg shaped pack containing a mix of items come their way. Along with the cuteness, add things that may bring a big curve on the receiver’s face.
  3. Bunny Cupcake Lip Gloss: If it’s a stylish baby diva and gifting is on your mind, then try this Bunny Cupcake Lip Gloss. The flavour of strawberry will be the icing on the cake.
  4. Mermaid Blanket: We know how much toddler girls love mermaids. Why not make their dreams come true by gifting a mermaid blanket that will make them feel like a mermaid every time they wrap it around? Super cute and useful too.
  5. Sports Star basket: Boy toddlers will love sports accessories in the form of toys. So a bag replicating a sports item and with items added to the bag can please any boy. Make the bag fun with elements that might be their favorite like a football, cricket ball or maybe a racket. It will be no less than a Pandora’s Box full of surprises.
  6. Cool Summer Treats Tumbler: For their favourite drink, how about gifting a pack of summer tumblers that are attractive and summery.  These tumblers are sure to become one of their favourite possessions.
  7. Cookie Jar: Kids love cookies – fact. What better way than combining all their favourite cookies and wrapping them in a cool box? You can try wrapping each cookie with dates so that all the cookies are not consumed in one day.
  8. Carry along Chair: Toddlers love things that are colourful, attractive and useful.  Let them feel the importance of their being around by gifting these carry along chairs which can be carried along with them to any corner of the house.
  9. Baby Walker: A baby walker is a great way of helping toddlers walk carefree and so a gift that can be precious.  Check out this guide to the best walkers for babies to go along with this.

Easter is eagerly awaited by toddlers more than the adults and making them feel on top of the world with these exceptional nine gifts recommended can be a truly sweet gesture. Let’s make it a day for the toddlers to celebrate too!

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