Ending bedtime battles: Three tricks to get your child to love bedtime

get your child to love bedtime

We’ve all been there; getting your child to sleep at bedtime can be a nightmare in itself. But what a lot of people fail to realise is that if you want your child to love bedtime, the key to ensuring a little one gets to sleep is a lot to do with their bedroom

A lot of the time when children fail to go to sleep at night it is because they feel either unsafe or uncomfortable in their bedroom. The way to try and solve this is by filling their room with elements that they are familiar with and like. This is why a lot of parents choose to decorate and base their child’s room on a theme, such as their favourite cartoon character or their favourite sport.

We have seen a lot of football bedrooms for boys, for example, with football wallpaper and football duvet sets. We have also seen bedrooms based on Peppa Peg and other popular characters. The reason this works is that your child sees their favourite cartoon on a frequent basis and thus they feel as if they know the character. By adding cuddly toys, bed covers and wall images of this character to your child’s bedroom they will feel happy, safe and at ease. 

In this post, we are going to take a look at some trends and tips to get your child to love bedtime:

Character-based bedroom ideas – Hello Kitty

Decorating your little girl’s bedroom can be a mixture of enjoyment and frustration. Of course, the enjoyment comes from the fact that you get to play around with different colours, cartoon characters, cute furniture pieces, and so on and so forth. Furthermore, the smile on your daughter’s face when they see the masterpiece you have created is certainly special. Nevertheless, finding all of the furniture you need and putting everything together can be the difficult part. 

One area you will need to give a lot of consideration to is the bed you select. When your child is young you have to give a lot of contemplation to the bed you choose because you need to make the transition from cot to a toddler bed as easy as possible. Furthermore, having the right bed helps your child feel more at ease in their new bedroom.

One bed that has been a huge hit with a lot of young girls is the Hello Kitty Toddler Bed. You are bound to have heard of Hello Kitty with having a daughter. The cute fictional character has been around since 1974 and is still a favourite amongst young girls all over the world today. 

The Hello Kitty Toddler Bed embodies everything that is cute and adorable. The frame of the bed is white. The headboard features a pink pattern with the words ‘Hello Kitty’ and an image of the pretty kitty herself. At the foot of the bed, there are two differing pink patterns that are separated down the middle by an image of a bright pink bow and ribbon. You will fail to find another bed that is as cute as this one, that’s for sure.

As mentioned earlier, you need to find a bed that offers the perfect transition from a cot to a bed. This is a product that offers exactly that. One of the best features of this bed is the protective side panels. This ensures that your little one does not fall out of the bed in the middle of the night. This bed is thus ideal for any child who is aged over the age of two years old. 

It is also worth noting that you will need to assemble this bed yourself. Nevertheless, this should not give you anything to worry about. The bed is very easy to put together, furthermore, the instructions are simple and easy to follow. The product also comes complete with all of the components needed, even including the screw fixings. 

A final point you need to bear in mind is the size of the bed. This is not only important because of ensuring it is the right size for your daughter, but it is also crucial when contemplating whereabouts in the room the bed is going to be placed. The size of the bed is as follows; 59 cm in height x 77 cm in width x 145 cm in length. 

Turning their bed into something else entirely

There are lots of different ways in which people can do this, but the more innovative the better. If you are looking for a great place to start then there is simply nowhere better than the Cars 2 Bed Tent Pack. This is assured to make bedtime seem so much more fun and exciting for your little one. 

The Cars 2 Bed Tent Pack compromises of three different parts to it. Before I delve into what those are it is first important to note that these parts will fit a standard mid-sleep bed which is within the following sizes; a bed length between 190 cm and 191 cm, a bed width between 86 cm and 89 cm and an under the bed height between 73 cm and 79cm. Furthermore, the products in these settings are suitable for children that are aged six years old and above.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the fun part. The first part that comes with the set is the workshop for when your child needs to fix their cars or do a bit of remodelling. In addition to this, it also comes complete with a bed canopy tunnel. The tunnel is black in colour and features exciting glow in the dark details which are bound to be a hit. The final part of the set is the ladder race tunnel which comes complete with its own flag and traffic lights and goes across the side of your little one’s bed. The result is something that looks like it has come straight out of Cars the movie.

The latest craze for bunk beds!

Over the past few years, there has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of bunk beds. In the 90’s they were all the craze, however, their popularity dwindled down as the millennium took place. Nevertheless, it seems our much-loved type of bed is rearing its face again as kids all over the country beg their parents to buy them one of the many bunk beds available in furniture stores nationwide today. 

It is not hard to see why this type of bed has become so popular yet again. It is a furniture piece that has a timelessness quality to it, meaning that it will never gather dust and become a product which strays away from the fashion forefront for too long. This article will reveal exactly why the bunk bed is such a popular option.

The first reason why bunk beds are so well-loved is that they are truly unique. No other type of bed offers such individuality and personality. A bed should be the first thing any individual lays their eyes on as soon as they walk into a bedroom and a bunk bed ensures that this is the case. 

This is important because a bedroom is the most personal room in any house. Therefore it is crucial that it is filled with personality and that it is a room the person who resides in it feels comfortable in. This is especially important when you consider that it is where people sleep and thus they must feel at ease or they will find it hard to drift off on a night time.  

This is probably the reason why a bunk bed tends to be the most popular choice among children. It is something which they like and thus they feel safer when they go to sleep. Whether they have a friend to stay over for the night, or they share the room with their brother or sister, one thing is for sure; they will appreciate the company when it comes to bedtime. 

The appearance of a bunk bed is not the only reason behind its popularity. They are great because of the space they provide. By having one bed on top of the other people will gain twice the amount of floor space. Therefore, the bed also makes the room look bigger. This is a great benefit for anybody who has children, as they tend to make a lot of clutter and mess at the best of times.

A final point worth noting is that buying a bunk bed tends to be a lot cheaper than buying two separate beds, and thus they are certainly a value for money product. This is especially important when you consider the current economic climate, and the need to save due to the effects of the coronavirus. 

All in all, it is clearly not hard to see why so many people love bunk beds! They are cost-effective, full of character and great for finding some added space.

We hope you find these tricks to get your child to love bedtimeuseful. Do you have any other ideas to add? If so, please share them in a comment below.


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