Epic 12 days of Christmas giveaway – #win £250 worth of prizes!

Christmas giveaway

Hello everyone, well it’s 1st December and in my book, that means that it’s time to kick off all things festive! To honour the start of the festive season, we are launching an epic 12 days of Christmas giveaway where we have something fab to give away for every day of the twelve days of Christmas. The prize haul is worth £250 and one lucky reader will win it all at the end!

So are you ready to find out what’s in Santas bag for our massive 12 days of Christmas giveaway? Come and take a peek inside….

Day 1: Win a Mizzie The Kangeroo Teether + Smooshy Mushy!

Mizzie The Kangaroo Teether: Made out of 100% natural rubber,  this baby teething toy is designed for infants’ sensory development and sore gums. Stimulating babies’ sense of sight, touch, smell and hearing. And of course, she squeaks! 

Mizzie The Kangaroo

Smooshy Mushy: Create your own, super cute,  yummy- scrummy,  Smooshy  stack which includes a scented squishy character and even slime packets to pour over your creation to give it that extra special SQUISH!

Smooshy Mushy

Day 2: Win some Slurpees Snot Suckers! (ewwwww)

Slurpees Snot Suckers are hungry and all they want is SLIME. Win all four Slurpees for the ultimate goo-off with mates. Squish the Slurpees, push their mouths into the slime and watch them suck it up, lickety-split! Once the Slurpees are full of slime, squeeze them to spew it all out again – Gross!

Slurpees Snot Suckers

Day 3: Win a mythical Pomsie!

Pomsies are loveable, fashionable, interactive plushy pets you can take anywhere – and the squad has just got bigger! Simply wrap their long fuzzy tails around your wrist, hair or backpack and let the adventure begin.

Day 4: Win Rainbow Dreams magical unicorn!

The Rainbow Dreams magical unicorn is a dream come true.  Rainbow Dreams lights up with the colours of the rainbow and plays magical music.  Can also be used as a nightlight with its brightly shining eyes and soothing sounds.

Day 5: Win a Hammer King retro arcade game!

With various ways to play, this cool tabletop games can be played with just a finger – lots of fun with forfeit and challenge cards in the mix.

Day 6: Win a Thunderbirds Rescue Mission Rocket!

Thunderbird 4 is go! Gordon Tracy is ready for some rescue action in the Thunderbird 4 submarine. Pilot the vehicle with the Gordon action figure, and watch as Thunderbird 4 transforms into a drill pod to tackle even the most difficult rescue missions.

Day 7: Win a Foodie Surprise DIY sweet making kit!

Foodie Surprise is a DIY sweet making kit. There are four food carts to collect – from Sushi to Pizza Trucks – each cart becomes the mould to create your sweets and each comes with a sweetie storage collectable and at least 10 surprises inside.

Day 8: Win a Mini Pixels eraser making Deluxe set!

Create your own quality erasers with Pretty Pixels – the new craft lovers must-have for 2019! Perfect creatives kids, The Deluxe Pack can make up to four large and eight medium erasers.

Day 9: Win a National Geographic Dig Kit!

National Geographic’s Gemstone Dig is an exciting hands-on adventure that kids absolutely love. Your child will become a treasure hunter as they carefully uncover spectacular gemstones using the digging tools provided. National Geographic’s full-colour learning guide makes identifying each specimen easy. The guide is also packed full of information and amazing facts about their crystals.

Day 10: Win a Froggy Party game!

Froggy Party is an interactive game with everything you need in one box. Froggy explains all the rules and leads children through 15 minutes of fun and over 50 physical activities from running and jumping to landing on the included lily pads.  

Day 11: Win a Squishimal!

Squishimals are super-soft squishy pets covered in velvety fabric for extra hug appeal.  With six characters to collect, Squishimals are available as 20cm and 32cm cuddly companions.  Choose from Rabbit, Owl, Unicorn, Ladybird, Fox, and Mouse – or collect them all!  One squish and you’ll be hooked!  

Day 12: Win a Timber Tots treehouse!

Timbertots are animal families that live at one with nature in the woodlands and beyond.  The Timber Tots Treehouse has everything needed for action-packed animal antics. It closes for practical storage and transportation with a carry handle allowing children to take their favourite playset wherever they go.


Would you like to be in with a chance of winning all of the above in our epic Christmas giveaway which has a combined total of £250 worth of prizes? To get your Christmas gifting sorted for the kids this Christmas….

Christmas giveaway

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Good luck everybody!



  1. All the cute looking things like the Squishimal or the unicorn things, my daughter loves any cute and cuddly looking

  2. Id have to pick the Win a Hammer King retro arcade game!
    My boys would have blast with it! not seen one of these ever around as toys! We love them at fun parks etc x x

  3. My Niece and Nephew would go straight for the Slurpees Snot Suckers! ! I can picture them now, they would be gooping them around everywhere, they are at that lovely age!

  4. My daughter would love the mystical pomsie or the smooshy mushy, she loves these toys but doesn’t have any at the moment she has just seen them on her kids you tube.

  5. I think my two would love all of these but I can imagine them battling it out on the Hammer King arcade game all Boxing Day so I’d have to pick that one!

  6. The Timber Tots treehouse would make my little girl so happy! I’d love to win that now for her but they are all brilliant prizes!

  7. So many lovely things to choose from but my daughter would love the mythical pomsie. She has seen the normal pomsies and loves them but this one just takes it to another level!

  8. Timber Tots treehouse would be well loved in our house. I had a tree house vey similar as a child and I loved it.

  9. Erm…. the adorable magical unicorn? the arcade game? Nope, it would be the Slurpees Snot Suckers for all the hideously wrong reasons.

  10. Timber tots! I had the original treehouse when I was little and it was my favourite toy and today is the one I still remember. Such fun.

  11. MY girls would love them all but especially the smooshy mooshy set and my son would love the snot suckers. Good luck everyone x

  12. my little niece would absolutely love the Mythical Pomsie!
    she’d love wrapping it’s long fuzzy tail around her wrist and taking it with her on all of her adventures.

  13. My granddaughter would love the Mythical Pomsie as she could carry it around everywhere wrapped around her wrist. She likes that sort of thing.

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