When ED strikes

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You will often find me lamenting the various odd things that have happened to my body (and libido!) in motherhood,  as the years march by me. Well, today, this is not a post about that…but more….what can happen on the other side of the pond in man land as the years advance – specifically Erectile Dysfunction.

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction as a couple, particularly against the backdrop of the bajillion other pressures we face in this life, without doubt would be hugely challenging even for the best of us. But with the fact that half of all men from the age of forty will suffer from ED on some level, it’s a very real probability. So what can we do to prepare for and make it through the time when ED strikes? Here’s a quick guide from Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor on how to address it:

Lloyds online doctor - How to talk to your partner about ED

How to talk to your partner about ED Infographic from Lloyds online doctor

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