Facing the panic of childcare for summer holidays

childcare for summer holidays

As a parent experiencing the potentially dire reality of a six week school holiday (or eight weeks in our case because my daughter has a delayed start date going into Reception) for the first time perhaps I am at an advantage. As I have absolutely no idea what I’m in for, with the prospect of no nursery school or childcare I have to admit I’m sort of flying by the seat of my pants on this one in terms of childcare for the summer holidays – although I have to say I think it’s going to be something I come to massively regret.

If you’re a working parent – and I treat my blog like a business and therefore work part time – what on earth are you expected to do in the face of a six week downtime? This is an area that is investigated annually with the Holiday Childcare Survey and something I have always wondered about which I am about to discover for myself for the first time.

My first thought was summer camps – but if you’ve got an early years child as I have then sorry, the idea of putting them in a massive holiday camp with a bajillion children in a huge range whilst being charged a fortune for it just seems a ridiculous prospect to me.

We are lucky to already have a flexible childminder who is going to help plug the gaps while I work – unfortunately our family situation means that we don’t really have family support to help manage the holiday childcare. I – like many – have also planned a block of holiday in August because surely that’s the sensible thing to do in the face of a six week summer holiday.

So what other options are there if you have no choice but to carry on working through the summer holidays? A good place to start looking around for childcare options is Childcare.co.uk, the UK’s leading childcare search site where you can start your summer childcare search by registering that you are a parent or family seeking childcare over the summer holidays. It’s a great place to look for local care and see what childcare providers are available near you and where you can browse the profiles of childcare providers which have been rated and reviewed by other families in what otherwise would feel like looking for a needle in a haystack!

CEO and founder, Richard Conway certainly seems to know our pain around the summer holiday childcare situation, “We know that childcare is a worry for parents across the UK and with the school summer holidays looming it can be a daunting task to find the right provider for you. That’s why we want to make sure parents can find suitable childcare in an easy and quick way. I myself know how quickly the summer holidays can sneak up on you, especially when you’re working! We have hundreds of thousands of experienced providers on the site, nationwide, so hopefully you’ll be able to find the right one for you and your family.”

Facing the panic of childcare for summer holidays

So are you currently looking to fill a childcare gap over the summer holidays? What avenues are you exploring? Do leave a comment and share below. And don’t miss my top tips on surviving the school holidays here.

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  1. I’m lucky that I don’t have to worry about it yet. While we were in the UK I chose a nursery that did a holiday club for school children up to the age of 11 and that was the reason I chose them, so that while I was working I had cover for BattleKid. But once he starts school here in Portugal I will be looking after him during the holiday breaks and the blog will just have to fit in around him as it currently does x

  2. I’m very fortunate that my little ones aunties are always up for taking him regularly so they can keep the bond between them so I’ve got that for childcare but if I didn’t I would panic. This site sounds really helpful.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  3. I’ve printed out a calendar and am rocking at the thought of how to fill it and fit in work (plus my blog). I don’t want the kids to be bored but I also can’t afford to pay for fun activity camps everyday so something has to give. I reckon I’ll be working most evenings instead to try and fit it all in. I predict chaos!!!
    All about a Mummy recently posted…My Sunday Photo: Go Ape JuniorMy Profile

  4. I’m lucky that my 3 jobs are all based in schools so I get the holidays! I remember my sister and I went to a holiday scheme at the local secondary school and we loved it so when my own kids are a little older I will happily pay for them to do some days there too

  5. It’s not something I need to think about this right now but I imagine how challenging to juggle all the responsibilities might be.
    When I was growing up I was lucky to have my grandparents around.

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