My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden review

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden Review

When you are a four going on five years old there are two things you live for (apart from the promise of chocolate and biscuits) – fairies and unicorns. So when My Fairy Garden got in touch to say that they had a new unicorn themed fairy garden out I thought it would be rude to deny the little of the chance for endless blissful fairy and unicorn garden escapism.

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden Review

The idea behind it is simple – create an enchanting magical mini unicorn and fairy garden of your own. The pack includes Belle the fairy and her unicorn and mouse friends, along with a wishing well with working acorn bucket, bunting, fairy dust and lots more.

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden Review

And so we set to work!

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden Review

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden Review

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden Review

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden Review

As you can see this is a lovely grow and play set which not only cultivates a love of gardening from a young age but also has gives the littles hours and hours daily lost in a world of imaginative open-ended play where unicorns and fairies reign supreme.

When we started out creating the garden, it was a very cold February half term week so we actually did it indoors, but I know once the Spring sun shines a little stronger it is going to provide so many hours of outdoors fun. I know it will also present oodles of delight once the grass starts growing because at this age there is nothing more miraculous than watching something you have planted yourself grow and I know there will be a whole other level of enjoyment as our daughter tends to her fairy garden over the coming months.

An absolute must for any unicorn lover, and now here’s your chance to win your own!

*We were sent My Fairy Garden Unicorn Garden for honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Our little one, would love this anything to do with fantasy she loves, fairies, unicorns and princesses, thank you for the chance

  2. This is really lovely! I must admit that my 5-year old son isn’t exactly the worlds biggest unicorn fan, but he does love gardening and outdoor activities and crafts, so he’d probably love this too! I would have loved it as a little girl!

  3. This looks fantastic. I’m aiming to create a fairy garden for my DD when she’s older, and this is just the ticket!

  4. What a great idea. Looks instantly colourful doesn’t it. All gardens should be unicorn gardens!

  5. Gosh I would look quite funny if I’d design my own little fairy garden without having any kids, wouldn’t it? Or maybe not at all… :)?!

  6. My son would love this! He is four and is lost in his imagination most of the time. He loves fairies and loves growing things so this would be an absolute win!

  7. My lil granddaughter Summer would adore this. She would live the unicorn. Thanks for the chance

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