Falling in love with Kindred organic statement tees and sweatshirts + #WIN

statement tees
It has to be said – I am an absolute sucker when it comes to statement tees. They can turn a time poor, usually bedraggled mum’s (points as self) wardrobe from blah to ta-dah in an instant which make them perfect for any school mum. So when a fellow school mama (see – social proof!) introduced me to  Kindred – an independent online shop which has the most gorgeous collection of organic and fair-trade t-shirts and sweatshirts I was like….come to mama!

This stuff is made for every mama out there.

Established in East London in 2016, Kindred is inspired by art, music, pop culture and comfort….basically all of my favourite things.

Their tag line?

Be bold. Be Kindred. 

I was in love.

Screen printed by hand with an array of carefully curated art and illustrations, the clothes not only look but feel fantastic too thanks to Hayley – who provides the creative vision and Roger, who is the fountain of sensible thought.

They are also pretty cool!

Case in point is this Pink Lips Sweatshirt Dress (£46.50) which not only looks super sassy but can also be thrown on without any thought – or sleep if you suffer from insomnia like me – and you will instantly look like a mum that slays!

statement tees

Currently seen on me every day when the silly erratic British weather steals our sun away…or when the North Wind doth blow. Stick it on with a pair of floral trainers and you’re onto a winner!

statement tees statement tees

Then there is this super cute Coral Heart Tee (currently in the sale for £17.50). I can not tell you how much I love this tee. The cut is amazing….so loose but incredibly flattering. I have no idea how they got the combination so right.

statement tees

I love pairing this one with my coral jeans and reflective shades (which freak everyone out because all they can see is themselves lol – the perfect distraction)..especially when I need to snap myself out of a mama funk.

And lastly let me introduce you to the True Love Tee (£25)

..inspired by tattoo illustration but featured on a candy pink tee for the perfect contrast, the boxy shape and relaxed fit of this one looks insanely good with a midi pencil skirt and sneakers.

statement tees

statement tees

So as I said, I’ve fallen in love….and it’s not with Ryan Gosling (that already happened a long time ago)!

And perhaps now you can see why….the threads from Kindred are cool, thoughtful and kind….to you and the planet! And most importantly…they look amazeballs on. There are so many more awesome designs on their online shop that I would strongly urge you to hot foot it over then and take a look.

If you’re in need of a effortless wardrobe update well, my friends…

This. Is. It. 

Shop the Kindred Range here

And now for the super exciting bit!

***Win a Kindred T-shirt of your choice on my giveaways page***

*I was gifted the above by Kindred in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Love the tattoo inspired one but would love it more in a different colour – I have found white and toddlers don’t mix well! You’ve reminded me I really do need to add to my wardrobe!

  2. Looking fabulous!! I am with you on the statement tees I am so glad they are trendy as it makes mum life so much easier!! Love the lip dress too perfect for this time of year xx

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