Family Seat review: Taking the stress out of toilet training your toddler + 15% discount!

Family Seat review

Are you in the throes of potty training and wondering whether you’re ever going to be able to get your toddler to actually sit on a proper toilet without them having a massive potty training meltdown? Or maybe your toddler really wants to use the toilet but you’re too busy messing around with one of those separate toddler toilet training seats to actually get them on it in time leading to “wee-gate” stresses.

In my experience of potty training, if there’s one thing you need to do to make potty training a success it’s to eliminate any potential stressors. A big source of stress around potty training is getting them to sit on an actual toilet. It just seems too big and scary for their little bottoms, or too wobbly with that silly separate toilet seat on it. Quite frankly, I don’t blame them.

So today I’m going to introduce you to the Talia Soft Close Family Seat, an ergonomic, solid as anything and super stable complete family toilet seat with an integrated child seat platform which not only gives your child confidence during potty training process but also works for the whole family too. I am also going to tell you how you can buy one of these with a Motherhood: The Real Deal, “deal”.

Family Seat review

The reason why the seat is great is that it’s there – all the time. None of this fumbling around to put on an additional seat whilst you worry about your toddler weeing themselves (who needs that stress???!). Simply pull the child seat part down and voila! – it’s good to go.

This all-in-one design means no more irritating the rest of the family by having that strange looking additional toddler seat hanging around on the toilet when needs must because when the child seat is not required, it simply stores within the lid, leaving the larger seat available for other members of the family to use – hurrah!

Suitable for use from 18 months old, it’s super quick to install and a great way of instantly ticking those toilet training and family friendly boxes all in one fell swoop.

The seat has been working really well for us and has been a great way of encouraging toilet independence. My daughter loves the whole ritual of pulling her very own toilet seat down, getting on her step-up stool and sitting on the toilet all by herself. A plus point is the fact that it has a soft close mechanism and magnets which hold the seat up making it easy and quiet to pull the seat down again – no annoying or scary loud slamming of parts when switching or cleaning!

Psychologically the fact that when the adults need to use the toilet you only need to flick the smaller seat up instead of removing a separate trainer seat from the toilet is a lot more convenient and less annoying. It definitely makes for a more harmonious family toilet for all!

The design of the seat is also really nice – it’s sleek and contemporary and actually looks a lot better than our old toilet seat. Plus – as this is from the originator of this type of seat and the market leader, each seat comes with a fantastic range of reward charts and door hangers (for boy and girl as required as they are reversible)  designed to help encourage little ones who are potty training which is a really nice touch to support you on your potty training journey.

Family Seat review

Having previously used a separate toilet trainer seat and now having used the Talia by Family Seat, I would definitely say skip the trainer seat and go straight to using this super practical seat for the whole family.

I am very pleased to say that thorough our discussions with Family Seat, I am able to offer you a discount on this wonderfully designed toilet seat together with it’s helpful tools for potty training. Not only is it a 15% discount but it is applicable to the total order, so if you need one for upstairs and downstairs or need to install one at the grandparents or buy one as a gift, go to the multi-pack saver page and you get 15% off both!

Simply click below and enter the promotional code TS15A at the checkout and start easier potty training for all!!!!

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Family Seat review: Taking the stress out of toilet training your toddler + 15% discount!

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