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As busy stressed out parents, there is nothing that is more annoying in my book than having to spend hours researching or calling around when you need someone to come around and fix something around the house, come and clean our sess pit of a house or ermmmm….massage our worries away!

I am seriously phone phobic so when I heard about a new online platform then would mean I would never have to pick up the phone to get a quote for any of the above called Bidvine than I was on it like a car bonnet!

Bidvine is the UK’s fastest growing local services marketplace, connecting customers with local professionals across over 200 service types from fitness, learning, events, to home improvement and maintenance. It’s a super duper way of sniffing out service-specific professionals near you to come and get the job done. It’s so easy, even if you have been living under a rock for most of your life you would probably be able to use it without a problem.

You simply pop in what you need, Bidvine then farms out your request to the right qualified professionals on their database, and then quicker than you can say Bob’s your uncle, you hear back in literally hours with up to 5 introductions and quotes from potential candidates and then have a nosy at their credentials and reviews. You then hire the right professional that is the best mix of quality, availability, and cost, contract and pay the professional directly and that’s it – you can put your feet up.

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I got to road test Bidvine on any kind of service I needed – at the time we were in desperate need of getting our guttering fixed, or I was in desperate need of a massage. Obviously, I chose the later.

The process of finding a quality massage therapist – who would come to deliver some much needed R&R was super easy, seamless and saved me potential hours of mindless surfing of the internet trying to find someone who would pummel all that mum guilt and angst out of me – was beyond easy. All I had to do was submit my request, review the quotes in my inbox, and choose the best candidate…who in my case, was the lovely Roz from The Wellness Practitioner who came and set up a massage room in my kitchen to make me feel like a new woman again.

So no regrets on choosing that over the guttering fix. I was face down in mum heaven…much like this.

find local services massage

Having tested out Bidvine to fulfil my selfish needs, I would definitely use it again for any jobs I needed to get done. With over 80 services across England, is it time you hopped over to Bidvine?

 ***Find the best local professional to help you with your to-do list at Bidvine now.*** 

*This post is in collaboration with Bidvine. All opinions are my own. 

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