Why the pen is mightier that the sock this Father’s Day

Father's Day

Dad doesn’t need comedy socks, badger cufflinks or a daddy jester hat. It’s Father’s Day and novelty presents are fun for a moment but usually end up in the landfill.

Planning is good and choosing a present that lasts beyond the moment is worth the effort. A personalised pen is something that carries a message and will remain far more useful than a Crazy Dad kipper tie.

A message on a pen for Father’s Day

Personalising a gift adds proof of thought and effort that makes the recipient feel special. Off the shelf, Father’s Day gifts come with the standard Grumpy Grandpa or Best Dressed Old Dad messaging that you don’t really want to be seen using.

Useful gifts are often hard to find so a new pen with a message will stay relevant long after the Day expires. Choose the right messaging and you’ll evoke positive memories. Wikipedia even has a section that looks at the etiquette in personal messaging stating that a little exaggeration to make your messaging clear. Examples like “Dad Rocks” or “Surf’s up Dad”, are short and to the point and avoid the adjectives of comic despair. “I love my Dad” is easy and pulls the heart strings too.

Pens are an affordable way to say thanks without spending a heap of cash. What’s more recent research shows that handwriting is good for your health. Writing engages a myriad of different sections of the brain when you put pen to paper and therefore aids memory retention. Typing onto a screen carries several distractions, such as Instagram alerts and vibrating messages, that distract and limit the available power your brain has. So if you want dad to remember your birthday, a calendar and personalised pen to the rescue. A gift emblazoned with “My Dad’s Not Forgetful” may do some good!

Would you gift your Dad a pen for Father’s Day? What do you think of pens as a gift idea?

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