Get up to £350 worth of free natural health and beauty products with My Green Pod

natural health and beauty products

Do you want to make the switch to natural health and beauty products but find them too expensive? I hear you. Natural, ethical and sustainable beauty products CAN be a lot more expensive.

But not any more!

Because My Green Pod – a own stop shop for all things ethical – are launching an exciting crowdfunding campaign to raise money for their new subscription service for clean, natural health and beauty products so they can be delivered to your door when you need them.

The subscription service which will reduce costs by up to 50% on clean eco friendly products making them more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Affordable to all

The collective buying power achieved through this subscription model will not only bring the cost of these products down by up to 50%. It will democratise clean products by making them affordable to all, supporting the mainstream shift to a more conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle. 

natural health and beauty products

Everyone’s a winner

Not only is that great news for you, but also for the environment!
Why? Because by switching to clean, natural health and beauty products and helping to make them more affordable for others, you’re helping to speed up the change that is already underway. The conscious shift that might just save the world. That is an absolute no-brainer in my book.

Imagine, affordable clean natural health and beauty products products for everyone!

Word on the street is that My Green Pod have vetted over 2,000 companies and only work with those that create the most effective 100% natural products. You may not have heard of the Heroes on, as they’re often from companies that can’t afford mass advertising or cut-rate bulk deals that would get them onto supermarket shelves. But if you don’t know all your options, you don’t really get to choose.

All you need to do it take one look at their list of Heroes here to feel insanely excited by this.

natural health and beauty products

My Green Pod are offering up to £350 worth of free natural health and beauty products plus lifestyle offerings for you my lovely readers, in return for supporting their crowdfunding campaign with your donation.

You can get a taste of these Clean Starter Packs in the rewards section of the crowdfunder page, where you can buy a range of Clean Living Starter Packs for £25 – all while supporting Green Pod’s mission to get this subscription service off the ground. A win for them, you and the planet!”

What’s in the box?

To kick things off My Green Pod has teamed up with three companies that they consider to be the most ethical in their respective sectors.

They are clean beauty pioneer Weleda, organic hair pioneer Tabitha James Kraan and toxin-free cleaning champion Tincture London. Their products have been crowned Heroes on ⁣

Each of the Starter Packs is a reward for donating £25 to our crowdfunder campaign, which means you’re getting sets of products at up to 50% off – amazing!

So head over and support their Crowdfunding campaign here before 4th July and be the change you want to see

*I was sent complimentary natural health and beauty products to test out from My Green Pod for the purpose of this post.


  1. I am really loving the shift towards a much more ethical and environmentally friendly planet that we all want but are sometimes unable to know how beat to support.

    This is a great idea and I hope they are very successful x

  2. I am glad that consumers are thinking more about the environment. I am sure natural products are better for your skin.

  3. This is a really good idea. Just lately I’ve been making ‘better choices’ with regards to environmental and ethical products, so I’m really interested in this

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