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Successful bloggers know that when it comes to building an online presence, the “build it and they will come” mindset is never enough. If you want your blog to gain serious traction, then your time investment into promoting content needs to be just as if not even more generous than the time spent creating content.

There are dozens of ways that a blog post can be promoted after publishing it, and one of the most powerful promotion methods of all is guest blogging. By guest blogging on another website with a strong following in your niche, you can give your own blog a massive boost in exposure that may have otherwise been impossible to gain in the same amount of time.

Extra exposure

At the same time that your own blog benefit from the added exposure made possible through guest blogging, the other blog becomes more credible by hosting content from a multiple authors. Not only is guest blogging mutually beneficial, but it’s extremely affordable at the low cost of nothing at all.

In today’s hyper-competitive online frontier, getting noticed as a new content creator is more difficult than ever. Even veteran content creators have had to find newer, more innovative methods to maintain relevance with the growing tsunami of content saturating nearly every niche.

In the blogging world of yesteryear, it was simple to get by on SEO alone. Today, the old SEO tricks are more or less just a pleasant piece of early 2000s-era marketers’ memories. Gone are the days when keyword density and bold headings were enough to validate a high ranking in the search engine.

Connecting with bloggers and editors

Today, the best way for content to show value is by being attached to something of even greater value. Much like the corporate world, escalation in the blogging world oftencomes down to either whom you know or who you can get to know. Thankfully, getting to know someone online through a few traded tweets is a easier than physically commuting to a networking event and hoping to meet the right people.

Once you’ve identified the kind of content creators who own a fair share of your target audience, you’re in the right position for some mutually beneficial guest blogging magic; before you’re off to the blogging races, however, consider the ways that you could accelerate things even faster.

Tools of the trade

Like most methods of blog promotion, there are special tools that have been made specifically to enhance the potential results of guest blogging. By using the following tools from, you can swiftly unlock your blog’s full potential to make an impact while fostering stronger connections with other bloggers at the same time.

Editor pitch email template generator

Drafting a guest blog pitch, identifying the right person to send it to, and tracking down the right address that can be used to send it to them can be exhausting. With this sophisticated pitch email generator tool, you’ll be able to instantly send off a pitch to any editors of websites that you think you’d like to write for.

With just a bit of customization, the tool will help you develop a well-composed pitch with all of the right qualities to catch the right people’s attention. Using this tool will spare you the headache that comes from losing time agonizing over the best (or worst) ways to structure your message. The tool builds pitches with a reliable algorithm based on proven approaches to getting messages opened, noticed, and replied to.

Not only does the pitch generator save you time, it also saves you money. The default version of the tool, much like the act of guest blogging itself, is completely free.

Scrape websites accepting guest posts

Much like the time that you could lose by overthinking your guest blog pitch, you could also lose time in the search for websites that accept guest blogs in the first place. Though many bloggers have great ideas for relevant guest posts, they’re often left playing a game of dice when it comes to hunting down a website that will actually consider their idea.

With this scraping tool, you can conduct an automatic scrape of all websites that accept guest posts related to your specifically chosen keywords. The scraper will provide an organized list of all the most authoritative guest post-accepting websites that your keyword is relevant to, along with the contact page, registration information, and a pitch-ready email address.

With this tool, you won’t have to worry about your momentum coming to a screeching halt from being told that guest posting isn’t in another blog’s plans.

Find the contact email of a blogger or editor

One of the most frustrating things that can happen on the hunt for a guest blogging arrangement is an elusive email address. Thankfully, this email hunter tool can handle the email address search all on its own.

Instead of having to navigate the entire website manually, you can simply input the blog’s URL into the tool and click the “Scrape Email” button; true to the button’s name, the tool will proceed to scrape the site from top to bottom until it finds the email address you’re looking for.

Not only does this tool scan the visible areas of the website, but it also conducts a deep-level search that penetrates on the Whois domain registration level. You may even be able to retrieve a private email that the tool detects through search engine analysis; all of this happens in a fraction of the time that it may have taken just to scan half of the website on your own.

Closing thoughts

The pitch generator tool can be used at no cost, while the guest blog acceptance scraper tool and email hunter tool are available with a Pro upgrade at just $19 a month; considering all of the hours you save with an extremely accelerated pitching process, that’s a price that practically pays for itself.

Have you been able to find success by guest blogging in your niche? Do you have plans to guest blog more often in the coming months? Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

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