Frugal tips that you can actually use to save money

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I am a cutthroat frugal when it comes to saving money so I recently scoured the net to come up with frugal tips on cutting all useless expenses. The thing is about saving money, it’s a fine line – there are a lot of tips and charts out there claiming they can help save money but a normal human being seriously cannot follow them without losing the plot!

So here are five ways that can help save a lot of money without cutting any basic needs (or losing your mind):

1. Frugal tip for entertainment

Get rid of your paid TV connection and any other subscriptions unless you have them for free. You can Google “Free Redbox Rental Codes” to find a lot of free movie rental codes instead of paying for them. Exchanging movies with your friends and family can also be a great way for saving money. You can dedicate a specific event for this cause where all members can bring their movies and can exchange them with one another for the ones they haven’t seen. This can easily save up to £250 per year.

2. Frugal tip for saving on petrol

Try to make two trips a month at most to the town each month. Whatever you have to buy should be bought at once from the grocery store to avoid unnecessary trips. It will not only help you save a lot of money on fuel but will also stop you from buying useless stuff on your each trip to the store – something which I am hugely guilty of! By my calculations you can save approximately £750 per year if you make only two trips to the town each month. Wowzers.

3. Frugal tip For buying clothes

Make a pact with yourself that you are only going to wear used clothes this year (I know, painful!). Make a goal that you are not going to buy any new clothes instead you will only purchase used ones – because who doesn’t love a good old charity shop rummage! You can save up to 75% money on buying used clothes as compared to the new ones and you can save up to £800 per year just by saving this 75% money on purchasing clothes.

4. Frugal tip for washing your clothes

OK so machine drying your clothes is quicker and less hassle but for saving money on washing clothes drying them on a line instead of passing them through a dryer wins hands down. Obviously more challenging in winter though, but a good old drying rack usually does the trick! If you think you don’t have enough indoor space just like me then you can go for a wall drying rack. This tip can help you save £100 per year.

5. Finding good discount sites

Now the internet is an amazing place to find cheap items, and even freebies, there are comparison sites including money saving expert, as well as free stuff sites like WOWFreeStuff where you can find amazing offers, and deals. Using these type of sites can save up to £1500 per year. Holy moly.

What tactics do you employ to save across the board? Do leave a comment and share.

*This post is in collaboration with WOWFreeStuff. 


  1. Love all these tips and couldn’t agree with you more! Making simple changes in your spending patterns like buying used clothing instead of new will make a huge difference and will certainly making staying within a reasonable budget much more simple. Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips with us. I always try to find best deals, discounts and bargains on internet. Sometimes you can also get free stuffs. For me Bargains Buys for Busy Mum, is a great place to find amazing deals and discount on various item from kids to adult. They will hunt down best deals for us and save our time as well as money.

  3. Great post! Definitely some very helpful info for saving and focusing on the long term savings. You could also add to the list, creating a savings account!

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