12 fun Christmas gifts for kids with a life skill twist + win a £50 Amazon gift card!

Christmas gifts for kids

Oh no not another gift list! Yes I know you probably have seen a bajillion by this point, including my own, but this one’s a little different. I’ve teamed up with lifehacksforkids who provide online courses  to teach children fast fading life skills in this gift list with a twist.  All the gifts included are perfect combination of having fun whilst learning new skills and include books and courses that help kids to develop life skills, tech gifts, gifts that promote emotional intelligence (EQ), gifts that enhance creativity and imagination and traditional gifts.


We love the look of Big Life Journal, it’s beautifully designed and is full of activities, inspiring stories and quotes. Lots of emphasis on helping your kids to develop a growth mindset. There is also a focus on how to grow up to be a positive,resilient, confident human being who strives to achieve great things in life!

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This fabulous fun-filled activity book includes 75 sensory-rich activities it helps your kids to navigate the daily challenges that life throws their way as well as learning to solve problems on their own. It also enables parents to understand what their kids need, so that they can help them to succeed.

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Christmas gifts for kids 1


Most of us recognise that teaching our kids life skills like growth mindset, resilience, emotional intelligence, and creativity is extremely important.

But… most of us don’t have the time or the expertise to do this job as well as our kids need us to. Enter stage left our Key Life Skills Programme- everything you need to teach your kids the skills they need to live a happy successful life!

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A superb little affordable mini computer which will help your child to develop programming skills as well as their logical thinking capacity. Their only limit is their own imagination and curiosity and there’s a great website and community to learn from as well. It will almost certainly develop their resilience too, as they overcome the learning challenges involved.

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Lego Mindstorm is a fantastic tech toy. We love it because it combines creativity and imagination with logic and programming skills and if you go to a local class, there’s opportunity for team-building and collaborative skill development too. It’s a great way to future-proof your child whilst they learn valuable life skills and have great fun along the way!

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A cool invention kit that will allow your child to turn everyday objects (even bananas) into something that a computer can interact with. It sounds pretty bonkers, but we like it because it helps kids to think about and interact with technology in a fun and creative way– vital skills if they want to thrive in a tech driven world!

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This is a fast paced board game for slightly younger kids (age 3-6) that teaches them about behaviour and choice in a fun way. It helps kids to develop their social skills as well as provide them with an opportunity to explore their feelings and emotions in a relaxed, easy way. All of which sounds great to us!

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In a world that is becoming increasingly polarised, fostering a spirit of understanding and harmony in our children can only be a good thing.

For this we really like Little Passports, it’s a cool subscription service where each month your child receives a package full of activities that will help them to understand more about the world, different cultures, language and traditions in other countries. Education, empathy and understanding in one package!

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A great way to encourage creative thinking, imagination and language development.We love the way the cubes give kids creative licence to let their imagination run wild. Being able to think in this way will be a really important skill in a world where job competition will come from robots and AI. It’s also a lovely way to spend some time together as a family.

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Kids will have loads of fun making their own films with this interesting stop-motion animation set. We love anything that helps kids to be creative and to think outside the box and this gift looks to be just the job! You never know, you might just have a budding film maker on your hands!

Click to buy Stikbot Zanimation Studio 


A nice entry level way into the world of 3d Printing. One for the budding young artist or creative child out there. As with the printer, the pen will allow your child to experiment with a ‘new’ technology that will become more prevalent and this will help them to gain a better understanding of what is possible.

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Monopoly is a classic. It helps you learn about money, money management, negotiation and of course dealing with what to do when things go wrong… or, at least that’s what happens every time that I play Monopoly!!! This Star Wars version gives it an extra twist.

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Hopefully you found something different to inspire you on this Christmas gift list as a way to not just to give a gift but also life skills to your children this Christmas! Why not also check out my Christmas gift ideas for five year old girls?

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  1. Great giveaway and fab choices for presents! It’s so hard these days to know what to buy, but these are great suggestions – my youngest would love the Lego Mindstorm!

  2. These are some great ideas. I love the journal! It’s a great way of encouraging children to write about their emotions and how they feel about things.

  3. I love the sound of the big life journal! It’s really good to encourage kids to keep writing, be creative and reflect 🙂

  4. My granddaughter is a bit small yet for any of these toys. However, I bought Lego Mindstorms for both my son and daughter when the toys first came out almost 20 years ago. My son really enjoyed it at he was older and was already proficient at Lego building, so it was only the programming element that was new to him. My daughter struggled with it (she was about 8 or 9 at the time). With hindsight, I think this is definitely one of those toys that should not be introduced too early, or else your child may find it too difficult which may knock their confidence.

  5. My children would love the Lego Mindstorm. I loved your Feel Like a Failure Mum video. It sums up how most of us feel from time to time and great advice x

  6. I am right into anything 3D Printing and I actually got my nephew this exact 3D pen to get him started. I know he will like it because, well, his best uncle (me) loves it. Great guide!

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