Funky Pigeon: Turning children’s artwork into personalised Mother’s Day gifts #onefunkymother + #win

personalised Mother's Day gifts

Hands up whose house is absolutely overrun with their children’s artwork? I am guessing you are all nodding fiercely along! Picture the scene – artwork on the fridge, the cupboards, bedroom walls not to mention the boxes stored away in the attic. But when it comes to children’s artwork, how often do you really stop to admire it?

Giving children’s artwork a new lease of life

That’s why this Mother’s Day I’ve teamed up with Funky Pigeon to give a new lease of life to our daughter’s artwork. Watch and learn as we turn them into useful and sentimental personalised Mother’s Day gifts that mums can appreciate in their daily lives….

personalised Mother's Day gifts

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, if you’ve stumbled upon this because you haven’t got a foggy what a mum in your life might want other than the usual flowers and chocolates then this. is. it!

Getting sentimental

The thing about children’s artwork is – us mum’s are hugely sentimental, big emotional drips about it. We don’t ever want to throw them away. Well maybe we might think about it for a split second, then the guilt sets in! So imagine any mum’s joy to find her child’s artworks turned into something USEFUL!

Yes we’re talking mugs, pillows, coasters, aprons…the lot!

personalised Mother's Day gifts

I loved the idea of this because there are so many artworks from the years gone by that are special to me. You know the ones which really brought a smile to your face, a smidgen of pride or that little heart string tug when your child first proudly presented it to you? Those ones.

Make her proud & the family smile

So this Mother’s Day if you’re wondering what to do with the masses of children’s artwork you’ve accumulated over the years, then wonder no more. Pick out your favourite bits and turn them into gifts for the mums in your life!

Whether you’re a hubby helping out the children with gifts, or a mama wondering what to get your own mum, turning your children’s artwork into gifts that bring joy to others is fast, cute and cost effective. They are also guaranteed to bring smiles all round this Mother’s Day.

This also has the special added bonus of making your children feel very special having their artwork turned into a Mother’s Day gift – I know, because I saw the look on my daughter’s face when we received them! Pure wonderment.

Funky Pigeon have a variety of personalised Mother’s Day gifts to choose from which start from just £3.99 and is a great place to create your own personalised creative gifts. You’ll also find Mother’s Day balloons which can be sent directly to their door, as well as a whole host of other novelty and non-personalised products especially for mum.

An exclusive discount

I’m excited to share that I have an exclusive discount code to offer my readers to stock up on fab and funky Mother’s Day gifts – simply enter TALYA25 for an exclusive promo code at checkout which can be redeemed against cards, cushions, coasters, magnets, aprons, mugs and candles #funkypigeon #onefunkymother.

Win a fab Mother’s Day treat bundle worth £47.99

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*I was gifted the above items and paid for my time creating the above content.


  1. This is a really good idea – it’s just not practical to keep every piece of artwork that came home from school! I love the pillow idea and the fact it shows four mini masterpieces!

  2. I love this idea! The playgroup LB used to go to used to send the kids artwork off at Christmas so we could get a whole heap of goodies printed. It’s so fun – and a lovely way of showing off what they’ve created I’ll have to check out funky pigeon.

  3. Aw this is such a lovely idea I’ve not seen this before! We have so many bits of artwork that we could turn into Mother’s Day gifts

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