An A-Z of game changing blogging tips to get you to the next level

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Are you a blogger looking to break through to the next level of blogging? Sometimes it can be so frustrating getting there (I know, I’ve been there believe me!) but it can also sometimes just take one thing to tip the balance for you. I really wanted to put together this post on game changing blogging tips to help those of you striving to get to the next level, and so have put together a round up of game changing blogging tip from fellow fab bloggers – get ready to lap up these pearls of wisdom!

A for authenticity

Be honest and transparent and your readers will trust you and help you grow. – My Boys Club  

B for branding

Getting my blog design and logo stepped up the game as it made everything look so much more professional and cohesive. – Going On An Adventure 

C for connect

Connect with people in the blogging community. You can share tips and tricks, have a support network of people in the same position as you and you may even make some lifelong friends! – Tattooed Tea Lady

D for differentiate

Offer something different to stand out from the crowd. – Five Little Doves 

E for efficiency!

Batching work, scheduling and creating content in advance. It frees up more of my time so I can focus on what’s important. – Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs 

F for fees

I used to chat with other bloggers about fees / payments to find out my worth. I used to charge very little for my work, but after conversations on a regular basis, rather than estimating a random fee for each project, I devised a set of fees for myself. I stick to it and rarely miss a contract because of high fees. I am always happy to negotiate to fit the client’s budget too. If you overdeliver, clients will love you and will want to work with you again and again, no matter what your fees are! Think of how much a tiny ad in a magazine would cost them! – Le Coin De Mel 

G for go pitch

Don’t ever be afraid of pitching to brands. Sell yourself and your blog and hopefully they will want to work with you. The worst they can say is no (or ignore you) – Williams World  

H for Hashtagger it!

Hashtagger completley changed the game for me when it came to Instagram and generating hashtags for my posts! – The Mum Diaries 

I for invest

If you want to make your blog a business, I really think investing in it is important. From paying for a scheduler, to a new logo/ header, there are loads of way to invest in your blog. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and can make a massive difference. – Me Him The Dog And Baby 

J for jot it down

Write things down! Post it notes really help me. Anytime I have an email with work, i always write it down on a post it note and stick it next to my screen. – Life As Mum 

K for know when to say no

Be fair to yourself. My defining moment was when I realised I didn’t have to agree to everything I was asked to do and if it was important to make time to write the posts I wanted to write too. You have to create a balance, so that it is still enjoyable, even if you do end up making money from it. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. – The Parent Game 

L for let it go

Sometimes, taking a little break, stepping away from social media and doing a little bit of soul searching can not only be refreshing, but give you a renewed sense of purpose and passion on your return. We all need a break now and then! – Little Pickles Mom

M for Moz

Moz is an online tool that tells you your DA and your spam ranking. The higher your DA the better. You increase this through quality backlinks to your site. Guest posting is a great way to get backlinks and the higher your DA the better your blog will be indexed by Google and often the better your earnings potential. – Life Love and Dirty Dishes 

N for niche

Find your niche but don’t limit yourself completely to it, don’t be afraid to stray from it occasionally. – The Incidental Parent 

O for own it

Whether you’re blogging as a hobby or you want to make money from it, you have to work hard to be successful. That doesn’t mean putting every second of your life into it, but don’t expect amazing things to happen unless you put the time, effort and love into it. – Coffee Cake Kids 

P for plan

Get a blog planner and get organised. Organisation makes everything easier. – A Slice of My Life Wales

Q for quit comparing

Comparison can be the thief of joy, and that’s especially true in blogging. Once you stop comparing yourself to other bloggers, and just really focus on what you’re doing, that’s the sweet spot when things really start happening ! – Motherhood: The Real Deal

R for respect

Respect yourself and your worth. Stop working for free and find your own bottom line and stick to it. – The Mummy Adventure 

S for schedule

Since going on holiday I’ve learnt the art of scheduling blog posts and social media. It’s super easy to do, quick and takes the pressure off! If it’s all scheduled, you can get on with your day and forget about the blog. There are so many tools for doing this including Buffer, Social Oomph and Tweetdeck  – The Pramshed

T for time out

Blogging and social media can be intense. There is always more you can do, more posts you can write, more interaction on social media, more emails to respond to, more pitches to send. It can easily take over your life! Know that it’s okay to turn your phone off; leave those messages until the morning; do something without posting it on social media. Time away from blogging and social media is crucial to stop your mind exploding and can leave you feeling more inspired and focused when you do come back to it. – Cardiff Mummy Says

U for understand

Understanding the different social platforms and what works on each of them (which is often different) is really important. – Someone’s Mum 

V for voice

Find your voice. Write down five specific words that define what makes your blogging voice different and unique when compared to the thousands of other bloggers out there – and then really focus on them.  These words might describe your writing style or your subject niche or your general outlook, but they should be genuine differentiators. For instance, saying ‘honest’ or ‘authentic’ is *not* a differentiator as all bloggers strive to be those things. You’ll never stand out from the crowd if you don’t know what makes you different and meekly follow what others do. (For what it’s worth. my five words are collaborative, self-deprecating, analytical, story-telling and quirky.) – Slouching Towards Thatcham 

W for work together

Collaboration! For me working together with other bloggers has always made a huge difference to my audience and reach. – My Mummy’s Pennies 

X for x-tend kindness

If a newer blogger asks you a question, take a minute to answer, (if you have time of course!), you never know when a favour might be returned, also it helps pass the kindness wave along. Also, if you like a local business, had great service in a restaurant or bought something amazing, take a second to tell the company on social media. Not only does it give them the feel goods but might even get you some work. – Pink Pear Bear

Y for you and only you

Be yourself. I find that my best blog posts come from when I stay true to why I started my blog in the first place. – Living With A Jude

Z for zeek the SEO

Thing really changed for me once I finally mastered and became a total zeek (that’s uber geek to you and me) at SEO. All the traffic struggles stopped, and it all just started flowing in. For more on SEO read my SEO guide here.

So there you have it – hopefully lots of insights and inspiration there for you from fellow bloggers who have at one time or another strived to get to the next blogging level. Which letter did you find the most illuminating? Do leave a comment and share and good luck with your blogging ventures! Talya xoxo

An A-Z of game changing blogging tips to get you to the next level

P.S. for more blogging tips read my post on how to grow your blog here and how to make more money from your blog here. You can also read about my predictions for the future of blogging here.



  1. Oh what a brilliant resource this post is! I agree with pretty much all of it, but C feels like the most important to do right – if the most time-consuming. I’ve lost traction in the last 3 years due to being off point with my daughter’s medical issues, but before that I had an amazing community of fellow bloggers – simply because I spent a LOT of time engaging. It doesn’t take long though, if you’re really committed. Just being back on form these last few months has really started to turn things around again for me, so connecting definitely resonates with me.

  2. These are really great tips. I’ve never thought of asking other bloggers what they charge before, I always thought it was a bit rude. I think it is important to be consistent and to be true to myself. I don’t see the point in posting thing just because, post don’t have as much character that way.

    • You can always ask me what I charge in an email or private conversation, Emma. I won’t think you’re rude . I would only ask people I knew by the way, not random bloggers I’d never spoken to!

  3. Love this – I’ve learnt a lot and taken it on board. I think taking time out is so important because otherwise blogging can be a 24/7 job/hobby 🙂

  4. You just really nailed the Alphabet of blogging tips. Indeed this are such the best tips for every blogger, may it be for beginners or old ones. I love how you compiled it.

  5. Such a helpful post as I’m at the start of my blogging journey. Would you recommend on just getting content created first? Then refining the whole blog at a later date? #coolmumclub

  6. I’m loving Claire Pramsheds…even three years in I’m still rubbish at scheduling! But love love love a good old break…

    A wonderful round up featuring so many of the #coolmumclub blog gurus!

  7. This is really helpful. I completely agree with the quit comparing. I’m guilty of that and need to remind myself that it’s my own journey #coolmumclub

  8. Great tips. I’m literally working on my SEO now (it’s obviously going really well… I’m not procrastinating at all…). I just find it so mind numbing. I need to get my geek on. #coolmumclub

  9. These are great. I feel like I’ve got my blog fairly established, but I suck at social media…I know that’s the thing I need to focus on next, but I’m scared!

  10. couldn’t agree more! Some really helpful tips, and some great bloggers you’ve highlighted here. My biggest thing is being real, using our own voice. I am not good with a niche, but I am just being me. I also think it can be great to support new bloggers, it meant so much to me when people reached out in the beginning #coolmumclub

  11. All amazing tips! I no longer berate myself for taking a break, but I do treat my blog more like a job, so I don’t take breaks willy nilly!! #coolmumclub

  12. I definitely agree about finding your niche, but not being afraid to stray from time to time. And definitely sticking to your own bottom line and not working for free. Great insightful post from some lovely fellow bloggers #coolmumclub

  13. Loved these tips, great reminders at the same time. Good suggestion on pitching brands. It could give much exposure to your blog, it could be another way to earn, and it allows for a wider audience.

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