5 gifts to get your children into gardening this National Gardening Week + a giveaway!

 children into gardening

National Gardening Week is upon us – hurrah! I am  big advocate of getting children into gardening and all the benefits it brings, and so if you’re looking to ignite a long life love affair between your children and gardening, hop on over to what2buy4kids who have some really rather lovely things to get you started! Here are five of my top picks:

Big Jigs Gardening Tool Belt

garden toys

Every upcoming gardener needs their very own tools and what better way to encourage gardening with this green gardening  tool belt which includes wooden hand tools and even mini gloves for little discoverers to explore nature. Ideal for digging in the dirt, helping mum and dad and planting seeds.

Price: £6.99


Little Labs Botany Greenhouse Experiments

gardening toys

One for the more science minded, this is an adventurous set for budding botanists who will adore this fun science kit which provides a great introduction to plant science. The special greenhouse domes providse the perfect environment for kids to conduct a whole host of observations and experiments complete with thermometers and ventilation!

Price: £28.50

Grow Your Own Grass Head – Cow

gardening toys

You can’t go wrong with a grass head as they are a really easy and fuss free way of teaching kids about plants and gardening! Children love to watch seeds grow into a full head of hair and then the best part – styling your grass head with a regular grass cut too!

Price: £3.99

Mr. Happy Grow Your Own Sunflowers

gardening toys

What could be more delightful than your child seeing sunflowers growing out of their very own  Mr Happy Grow Your Own Kit? Introducing them to the majesty of sunflowers growing from tiny seeds in a lovely  simple gardening project.

Price: £9.99

Sow & Grow Butterfly Garden

children into gardening

There’s nothing more delightful than seeing a child chase after a butterfly, but sadly butterfies are on the decline in the UK due to changing environments. So why not help them beat that downward trend and entice butterflies into your own garden by growing  fragrant flowers to attract beautiful butterflies with the Sow and Grow Butterfly Garden kit for kids?

Price: £9.99

So what are you waiting for…let’s get them out there, connecting with nature, and gardening to their hearts content!


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  1. It’s a good activity for the children. They should learn to interact and value the nature. I am sure, kids would love to do it.

  2. I am trying to be a bit more green fingered, especially as we have a garden and I think the botanist garden would be perfect for my daughter and me too.

  3. A fab selection. We are having or garden redone next week and hubby is very keen to get the girls into gardening x

  4. My children and gardening don’t quite get along, but I would like to see them doing at least some garden work. I’ll try this out. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up loving the gardening. Thanks for the great post.

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