Getting girls to love STEM #codinggirls

girls to love STEM

I’m all for empowering girls. Every night at my daughter’s bedtime I whisper into her ear that she can do anything that she puts her mind to. In my mind, that includes pretty much everything, especially including STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths.

At her young age of four turning five, there is not much STEM featuring in her school learning I have to be honest, although there is a wee sprinkle of computer work thrown into the mix…that much I know.

So my struggle has been…how can I inspire her to love STEM at such a young age? And then came the answer….coding. Her dad in fact works with STEM on a daily basis…but we’re not talking building algorithms here for her (not yet at least)! We’re talking about something more simple, and accessible.

girls to love STEM

But why coding? Well quite simply….coding is the new literacy..and actually it isn’t that hard, it can lead to awesome career prospects later in life and it can be fun,  inventive, a wonderful way to get creative and….create! and teach persistence and problem solving.

So that’s why I’ve teamed up with Primo Toys -who design and make educational toys that are showered with awards – in their Coding Girls challenge in this little tribute to girls and their amazing potential this International Women’s Day.

Currently, only 24% of UK STEM jobs are held by women. Young girls are missing out on future career opportunities, so it’s time to encourage our daughters  to take up STEM subjects, and close the gap in the STEM workforce and the good news is, this can all start with us, the parents.

Primo has a really great free e-book on their site which is a fab introduction to coding for children split into two sections – three to four year olds and five to six year olds – which includes some simple activities you can try out at home….such as programming your own child or yourself the parent and using storytelling as a way to bring storytelling to life!

But enough from me….let’s hear more from the Missy about what she thinks about all of this:

What do you enjoy about being a girl?

Hanging upside down on bars (lol you can see what her current preoccupation in life is but how great is this that it’s something any child…girl or boy can do!?).

Have you ever been told they can’t do anything because they’re a girl?

No never! (Yasssssss!)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Me! (That’s good, at least she loves who she is!)

Which woman/girl inspires them the most and why?

My mummy and granny because they are so clever (awwwww bless!).

What do you know about computer programming/coding?

It’s fun!

What activity did you enjoy the most in our guide to coding for kids book and why?

Making my mummy do what I wanted!

So as we approach this year’s International Women’s Day, let’s show our support for #CodingGirls. Let’s ignite our daughter’s imaginations with the possibilities of STEM and show them that if anybody can, they can.

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  1. I’m a STEM lady but sadly no longer working in the field. I’d love to go back to Science one day as it was a calling for me. Maybe once I grasp Portuguese better I might. I’ll actively encourage our son to try Science and Computers. I know hubby wants the computers side of things more than me though!

  2. I am not sure any of our three have ever tried any coding, but you are so right in that they need to be aware of it and start early to get to grips. Their Daddy also does it for his day job, so maybe that is something I can pass over to him!

  3. I love this idea getting more girls into the Sciences as it’s something I enjoyed at school. I know nothing about coding but I think just proving opportunities is is important

    Laura x

  4. I am really lucky that my daughter adores science and experimenting. I hope the love continues into teens and adulthood

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