7 Christmas gift ideas for active children

gifts ideas for active children

Let’s talk gift ideas for active children. The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, and your kids are potentially going insane (and you along with them!) with no outlet for their boundless energy! Here’s an idea…this Christmas, instead of feeding their desire to plug their brains into a computer or tablet, buck the trend and go for Christmas presents that will keep them active over those long Winter months. Here’s my pick of seven gift ideas for active children that will do just that.

1. Galt Toys Folding Trampoline

Oh how I wish we had a massive back garden with enough space for one of those epic outdoor trampoline get-ups. Sadly, I don’t….but thankfully if your child needs to burn off some steam over winter, you don’t need a big garden, you don’t need to beeline it for a trampoline park – you can just whip out one of these babies and after they have bounced away all that excess energy, you can simply fold it down and store it away. Huzzah!

2.Space hopper

Who doesn’t love a hopper? And let’s face it, there is something undeniably cute about your little one bouncing circuits round the kitchen table amidst the general calamity. There are so many options and designs, but I’m a sucker for the retro.

3. A skateboard

Yes we’re falling in love with skateboards all over again! Look, I know some parents are nervous about letting their kids on skateboards, but in this paranoid parenting culture we seem to have bred, let’s just remember that kids are far more capable of doing things than we give them credit for. And if they’re just starting out, there’s no reason why this can’t happen indoors with a little help from you and the necessary protective pads etc before you brave it to the great outdoors too!

4. Yoga Pretzels

For a more sedate version of being active, we love Yoga Pretzels which not only teaches and gets your kids doing yoga in a flash card accessible way, but also gives you the chance to sneak in some yoga while you’re at it. Warning: this may include kids hanging/climbing off you/putting their bums in your face whilst doing so

5. ELC Musical Footsteps 

Yes this is your littles chances to recreate that piano moment from the movie Big over and over (although clearly, they will have no idea what you’re on about!).

6. A Bumper Buddy Set

Got two kids driving you up in the wall, or maybe a playdate going wayward? Stick your two gremlins in this and let them burn off the steam on each other by bouncing off each other until they literally can’t take it any longer. Rather amusing too!

7. A Pogo Jumper 

With pogo work outs now officially being “a thing” for us adults, why not let your sproglet follow suit and boing boing boing on one of these to their heart’s content? And before you think I’ve totally lost my mind, it’s foam…so therefore fun and safe. Phew!

Have you got any of the above on your child’s Christmas present list? What other gift ideas would you suggest to keep a child active over Winter?


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