Giving the gift of time travel this Christmas with Mysteries in Time

Mysteries in Time

What?! Time travel? I hear you say? As a Christmas present this year? Has this mama gone absolutely off her rocker…? Well, the answer is NO.

Because your littles can receive the gift of time travel this Christmas thanks to the brilliant Mysteries in Time….an exciting, educational monthly history subscription box for children aged 7 – 11.

So how does it work? Young historians will receive a time machine – yes way!!!! – bursting with high-quality, fun activities bringing world history to life as they follow Max & Katie’s exciting adventures through history in a fab combination of illustrated story books, colourful history booklet, craft making and puzzle solving which will inspire them to fall in love with history.

Mysteries in Time

(psssst note the very historical filter on the photos I have used to set the mood and tone here!)…

We checked out this month’s box which saw us travelling back to Ancient Egypt, where you are taken off to far and distant lands to learn about mummification, pharaohs, hieroglyphs and more….and quite honestly, I learnt a thing or too along the way too! The box is so very well curated with lots to see, do and learn about, and is a wonderfully immersive experience.


We started by getting our bearings and placing Ancient Egypt on the timeline and finding modern-day Egypt on the world map…

Mysteries in Time

Mysteries in Time

before we snuggled up to read the illustrated time-travelling story with the matching bookmark…

Mysteries in Time

Once we had fully immersed ourselves in the Ancient Egypt zone, we poured over the booklet of historical facts about Ancient Egypt discovering all the wonders of the Pharohs, Cleopatra, Tutankhaman, Gods and Goddesses, the pyramids, mummies, amulets, canopic jars, appearance and all about hieroglyphs…

Mysteries in Time

Mysteries in Time

before we had fun with the  themed colouring, stickers and puzzles which included spot the difference, working out how to write our names in hieroglyphs, escaping from a maze and lots more.

Then we designed, sculpted and painted our very own amulet with all the provisions in the craft package. Apologies – amulet currently drying waiting to be adorned with jewels – so no pics of that at time of writing…so….WATCH THIS SPACE.

The box also comes with your own canopic jar which during those times were used to store internal organs during the sacred burial process. Thankfully, though our intestines are still in tact!

If you’re looking for a unique and educational gift for a child this Christmas, then I would highly recommend gifting the adventure of a Mysteries in Time Box – you can choose from a one, three or six month package which can either be auto-renewing or bought as one-off gift plans.

The monthly costs are:
  • Classic Pack is  £7.95  +  postage
  • Bumper box is £12.95 +  postage
They also offer a discount for a 6 month package:
  • Classic Pack is  £41.70   (this equates to   £6.95  per month) + postage
  • Bumper Box is £68.70   (this equates to £11.45 per month) + postage

***To give your child the gift of time travel this Christmas order on the Mysteries in Time website here before 16th December using the code REALDEAL10 at checkout for 10%* off any subscription package****


*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.

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