See you in a few days: Giving mum a break

Giving mum a break

As the old saying goes, a Mum’s work is never done. This doesn’t mean that she couldn’t make great use of an occasional break in the action. If you need a few days off – or know a Mum who does- here’s a few things to know about how to get away without wrecking your household.

For the woman who takes care of everyone

Ask any busy mother, and she’ll probably tell you that she prioritizes the needs of her family ahead of her own. Selflessness is sweet, but all care and no caring for herself can wreak havoc on a mummy’s mood and mind. There’s where the importance of me time comes in.

Stock up on canned soups and sandwich makings, then scout about for a nearby resort that offers weekend meditation and yoga retreats, wine tasting classes, or another activity that Mum might like. The less time Mum spends traveling, the more time she can spend soaking up a wonderful weekend away.

If Mum’s idea of a relaxing weekend does not involve bird watching, pottery throwing, or other supervised activity, give her a few nights and days at a nice nearby hotel such as the Marriott Westfields. After assuring her that you can handle all the ins and outs of at-home parenting, invite Mum to turn her phone off while enjoying a weekend of whirlpool tubs and room service meals.

Can’t take a whole weekend? Plan a super-short getaway for Mum

Dads, take note. If your parental partner is looking a bit frayed around the edges, give her a quick albeit rejuvenating time off. Call home in the early afternoon and offer to bring home a take-out dinner that evening. Let her take a blank page day. Get up twenty minutes earlier, and prepare the first pot of coffee. Plan an outing with the kids and let Mum spend a day relaxing at home. Alternately, you might offer to hang out with the kids at home while Mummy relaxes at a health spa and gets a mani-pedi at a local salon. Be your partner’s biggest ally, and she may be a better mum and mate, says Moments a Day magazine.

A simple overnighter can work wonders

Reserve a room with two beds, and invite Mum to take her bestie on an overnight getaway. Even 24 hours with a great friend can be righteously refreshing for a harried Mum, says Huffington Post. A quick getaway doesn’t have to be far away, nor does it have to cost a small fortune in order to be just the refreshment a busy mummy needs. Ask for an extra late check out time, and let Mum sleep in as long as she likes before returning home and day to day family life.

Everyone needs a break now and then, and Mums are the least likely to take time off. With a bit of advance planning and organizing, and the backup of a supportive parenting partner, even the busiest mother can step back, catch her breath, and come home a happier, more relaxed mum. That’s definitely food for though for when motherhood gets tough (and the rest of the time!)..

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