Going back to work: 3 tips on how to manage your travel job with your mum duties

going back to work

Most mums are usually in the dilemma of going back to work or staying at home to take care of the baby. However, they still choose to balance the two to adequately care for the child financially, physically, and emotionally.

When going back to work, it is not easy to maintain both a demanding job and your child’s needs, especially after maternity leave. It requires complete help and understanding from the family, colleagues, superiors, and also the baby.

It can become more complicated when you get a new opportunity that will be a financial boost, yet it requires you to travel more. If you’re going back to you can take numerous steps to ensure you have a seamless transition into the new job while ensuring your baby is doing okay.

Streamline Your Work Activities

Ensure that you arrange your work travel itinerary at all times. These plans will ease your travel worries with prior preparations. Have reminders on your calendar, which will help you arrange how the family will cope.

It will help if you shift to a region close to the areas you travel to save on the time spent on the travels. If you have frequent international trips, like to Ireland, you can request deployment in the country. It will help you stabilize your schedule and create a workable routine. To explore this option, ensure you apply for an Irish passport as well as your baby’s and the supporting crew.

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Learn how to integrate with your colleagues as they will come in handy when you need their help. It would be best if you also learned how to decline the travels when you feel it is taking a toll on you. Respectively explain your reasons and ask for a reassignment. There is no harm in taking some time off.

Have a Full-Time Nanny and Your Family Help Out With the Baby

Ensure that you get a nanny or a relative who will help you take care of the baby when you are away. Look for a nanny who will blend well with the baby and provide a suitable environment for the baby to develop.

Make the Most of Your Time With the Baby

You should also ensure that you spend quality time with your baby when you are around. It may seem like an endless loop of work, baby, and house chores, but focus on the baby’s joys and laughter. They will keep you motivated through the tough times.

Ensure that you also find time during your travels to communicate with the baby. Given the baby’s age, you do not expect to have a meaningful conversation with the baby. However, hearing the sound or seeing your face will surely make the baby smile on its face and reinforce the love, care, and bond with each other. Technology has made this possible through the various means of communication currently available.

Lastly, do not forget to spare time for yourself when returning to work. You must have time for yourself to reevaluate your progress, refocus and rejuvenate. It is challenging but worth every joy. Be confident and believe in yourself that you will make it!

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