#NestGuru: Your right to a good night’s sleep!

good night's sleep

Regular readers of my blog will know I am OBSESSED with getting a good night’s sleep. I am a terrible sleeper, and have to have JUST the right conditions to be able to get to sleep and even then, sometimes it can be a struggle. I blame the sleep trauma I experienced for seemingly endless sleep deprivation with my daughter – but that’s another story!

On top of that, my long suffering partner Mister C is also a terrible sleeper, and can be often found practically doing cartwheels in his bed throughout the night punctuated with bear like snoring.

Obviously you can see this does not make us the best bed fellows and is a massive case in point that no two people share the same sleeping requirements.

All of this has made sleep a hot topic in this household – as with many other parents – since we embarked on parenthood because once you’re getting no sleep, you realise just how precious it is, and that you will pretty much do anything to get a decent night’s sleep. We know first hand all too well what happens when you lose sleep – and it ain’t pretty!

I therefore couldn’t agree more with Bed Guru – the online bed retailer and sleep specialists – who are championing the fact that no two people share the same sleeping requirements (too true!) and that it’s not just a belief but an obligation to ensure that everybody gets a great night’s sleep as part of their #NestGuru campaign…yup, that’s me and you!

As I said, I’m super particular with everything that comes to sleep – and that includes having the right mattress, the right pillow, being the right temperature, being able to cocoon myself in my duvet and have utter sensory deprivation complete with eye mask and ear plugs, and being able to get comfy and into that “falling alseep position” which for me starts on my back and ends on my side. I’m a complex human and sleeper. But I’m banking on the fact I’m not the only one who has complex sleep needs if we’re being really honest about it.

But really, it all starts with the right mattress doesn’t it? And with so many mattresses available these days, it really is about finding the right one for you to meet you sleep needs. As a total sleep fusspot I know that the wrong mattress can spell sleep disaster and one seriously grumpy mama who you would not want to cross the next morning. Thankfully Bed Guru has a fab range of mattresses – from pocket sprung, sprung and non-sprung, latex, memory foam, adjustable and orthopedic – with something for everyone whatever your mattress needs.

As a massive fidget pants who is always trying to “get into the right position”, I love the concept of memory foam mattresses and the way they mould to the shape of your body using heat. The whole “getting comfy” thing can often be a struggle for me, and anything that works on improving my posture whilst sleeping and stopping me from rolling into ridiculous positions which I know my neck and spine will NOT be thanking me for the next morning are a major win in my book. My ticket to a peaceful night’s sleep? Here’s hoping.

Do you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep? What part does your mattress have to play in getting you off to the land of nod soundly? Do share in a comment below.

*This post is in collaboration with Bed Guru 


  1. I love memory foam mattresses. Ours needs replacing now as it’s old but we even customised a memory foam topper for the camper van and it was the most comfortable night’s sleep in there 😀

  2. I’m a terrible sleeper too and my memory foam mattress doesnt HELP, as such-but it means I’m comfy when I try to sleep. Best thing I ever bought

  3. I am not a bad sleeper- I just love it so much! However, I do find that recently I take longer to sleep in different settings.. it’s strange, no matter how tired I am!

  4. I think we definitely need to get some memory foam. I can never get comfy for long and fidget all the time in my sleep (apparently).

  5. I really need a good night’s sleep too. If I don’t have a good firm mattress to sleep on at night, it literally all goes to pot. We spend a lot of time asleep and its important to our well being, so getting the environment is a big deal I think

  6. I’m not sure why but I don’t remember having sleep issues back when I was younger. Only recently have I had times where it’s been difficult to get a good night’s rest.

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