Gorgeous personalised Xmas decorations and more from The Christmas Cart + #WIN!

personalised Xmas decorations

Hands up who is Christmas ready? Not you?!!! Never mind, because I’m about to let you into a little secret about where you can top up your tired and weary Christmas stash with some fab new pieces including gorgeous personalised Xmas decorations. It’s called The Christmas Cart!

I always love to add a couple of bits to our Christmas decoration stash each year – you know what it’s like…things start looking a bit tired, then there are the breakage and flakage casualties. Plus, it’s just nice to add a few new pieces to the collection every Christmas isn’t it?

Gorgeous personalised Christmas baubles

First up I have to let you know that The Christmas Cart has some gorgeous personalised xmas decorations including a wide range of baubles. I am a bit of an old romantic, and think there is something so special about hanging up your own personal baubles each year – it’s a nice family ritual to create don’t you think?

We chose these personalised baubles (£12.95 each) in icicle glass which we can’t wait to hang up on our tree when we get it! They look absolutely beautiful and really well made too.

personalised Xmas decorations

personalised Xmas decorations

Personalised Santa sacks

I love the idea of a Santa sack which is especially great for people who might be going to stay with family over Christmas. You can make sure that all the presents are packed up and ready to go in their very own personalised Santa sack….But of course they are lovely to have whether you are staying or going for Christmas!

We chose the personalised Deluxe Velvet Santa  Sack (£35.99) which  is so lush to touch and really looks the part too! It has lovely Christmas appliques  and it is personalised by their talented artists with a name in glitter calligraphy. You can tell that this is a Santa sack that is made to last for years.

personalised Xmas decorations

Personalised Christmas Eve Box

I have been wanting to start the Christmas Eve box tradition for a couple of years now.  Now we finally have one, we can make it part of the Christmas magic!

Their wooden personalised Christmas Eve box is really beautiful, so well made and finished off with personalised glitter calligraphy. I can’t wait to see our daughter’s face light up when she see this! Considering the quality, I think it’s also really good value at £19.99.

personalised xmas decorations

If you’re reading this wondering what on earth you would put in a Christmas Eve box you can have a look at what’s going our little missy’s:

  • Christmas jumper
  • Christmas hairband
  • Christmas mosaic craft
  • Christmas activity book
  • and I will probably also sneak in a pack of those yummy Lindt Reindeers in there once I’ve had a chance to pick one up!
personalised xmas decorations

Luscious wreaths

OK, so these may not be personsalised, but did you know you can get some beautiful florals from The Christmas Cart? For me, nothing says Christmas like a vibrant garland on the front door, or a festive garland on the fireplace. The Christmas Cart should be your go-to place for getting either of these.

Their range of garlands and wreaths are absolutely stunning I’m sure you would agree…I think I almost gasped in delight when I took these babies out of their boxes!

personalised xmas decorations
personalised xmas decorations
Not only are they really realistic but really high quality too. I can’t wait to put our Apple and Red Berry Wreath (£29.95) up on our front door and the matching garland (£19.95) really looks fantastic on top of the fireplace.

Well I think you’ll agree that when it comes to getting your Christmas decorations sorted, that The Christmas Cart is an amazing place to do just that.

I’ve been really impressed with the design and quality of everything they have sent us and the personalisation aspect makes everything all the more magical.

I’m so pleased that we now have all these items which are made to last as part of our Christmas bounty to crack open every year. It’s going to make the magic of Christmas that much more special – that, I know.

The baubles and Santa sack are available direct from The Christmas Cart while you can visit Amazon for the wreath, garland and Christmas Eve box.
If you’d like to update your Christmas decorations with The Christmas Cart then you can use the exclusive 10% discount code REALDEAL10 on the Christmas Cart website for 10% off everything with no restrictions – valid until the end of Dec 2018.



And now for the exiting part! Here’s your chance to win a set of up to 6 personalised Christmas baubles worth £47 – one for each family member – over on our GIVEAWAYS PAGE here

personalised xmas decorations

bathroom refresh

*We were sent the above items from The Christmas Cart for honest review. All opinions are our own. 


  1. I love the personalised Christmas baubles they would be lovely for the grandchildren and they can be used every year

  2. I love personalised items, especially at Christmas, it’s special for children to be able to put things up with their names on. Both of my children have unusual names so it’s extra special for them to see things with their name on.

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