6 reasons you CAN have that Grand Designs dream home

dream home

We are a nation obsessed with homes but truth be told, for most of us, buying a home usually comes with a few compromises in the mix. After all, how many times have you heard of someone actually buying their dream home?  I think I maybe know of only a couple max. Perhaps this is down to the fact that purchasing a property almost always means you also purchasing the previous tastes, preferences and needs of former home owners. But what if you could build a dream home that was really tailored to you and only you? Yup, we’re talking full-on Grand Designs here.

As far-fetched as this might seem at first glance, it IS something that is in fact possible. And is possible even in London. An incredible example of this is a site right in the heart of London’s Nappy Valley – Mallinson Road, which overlooks the famous Northcote Road in Wandsworth (one of Britain’s top 20 places to raise a family) – where planning has been granted for a four bedroom end-of-terrace house with views onto Northcote Road. It’s currently for sale and, since planning has already been consented for a home, provides an amazing opportunity for a relatively stress-free grand design – eat your heart out Kevin McCloud!

dream home

Image courtesy of Alma-nac Architects

Imagine, if you will, a lightweight cube over a recessed core that extends underground to form a basement.  Think lightweight metal cladding punctured with large-scale windows alongside a generous, yet contained, roof-top balcony offering the golden combination of privacy and stunning views. All within a build design by famed and award-winning architects alma-nac.

dream home

Image courtesy of Alma-nac Architects


Now let’s get on to some of the reasons why building your dream home could make sense over your standard buy:

It’s a fresh start

Buying a home inevitably means baggage. If you’re buying a new-build property, it’s likely you’ll end up with a vanilla pad that aims to cater to everyone and no one at the same time. An older home may have character, yes, but it will be someone else’s. Not to mention the fact the place will probably need updating, upgrading or even full-on renovating.

I know only too well the problems that can accrue in a property thanks to a history of haphazard bodge jobs: leaks, damp, shoddy workmanship, bad design and decorating choices, bad insulation…the list goes on!

On the financials

If you purchase an older house you take two big cash hits: deposit and Stamp Duty. In today’s market, these can reach into the hundreds of thousands of pounds. You’ll then have to deal with the additional costs of any renovations you undertake to try and get anywhere near your dream home.

Perhaps surprisingly, a blank slate like the one on offer at Mallinson Road could work out far more cost effectively. Prices for mid-terraced and detached houses in Wandsworth come in at around £1.8 million, whereas this plot is guided at £875,000. Therefore, purchasing a plot like this and then spending a further £600,000 building the consented home means that not only would you  have and enjoy a totally bespoke home of your own with everything inside it just as you have always dreamed of; but that you could also actually walk away with a tidy profit in your pocket when the time comes to selling.  Additionally, an investor would only pay the Stamp Duty on the initial value of the plot (£875,000), rather than its final value, which would save them tens of thousands. It’s a win-win situation all round.

dream home

Image courtesy of Alma-nac Architects


Go bespoke

And then there’s the fact you can work with the architects to get something tailored to your own needs and design preferences – a benefit you’re almost never going to get through looking on the open market. Want Doric columns in your doorway? Portcullis windows? Canadian oak ceilings? Build it yourself! The possibilities are genuinely endless…

It’s not as scary as you think

When it comes to realising the reality of a dream home, architects are there for a reason. They are experts at making the most of a site and materials, and maximising what bang you can get for your buck. They are experienced project managers who can guide you every step of the way and are there to keep timescales on track. They can tap into an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience to help you get that dream home which you might think only lives in your Pinterest account.

A more sustainable way

Apart from the fact it can help you get your dream home, another great thing about opting for a Grand Designs-type build is that they tend to use more sustainable materials and techniques which, in turn, have more sustainable outcomes (read: more energy efficient). The enviable result is a dream home that is also eco-friendly. Doing your bit for the planet and living the dream – a win-win situation!

Personalised build is the way forward

There’s already a growing trend towards custom-build properties in the UK market – the truly only route towards attaining a dream home. In fact, it’s tipped to be where the property market is going. You heard it here first.

This amazing opportunity and the scheme is currently being sold by Ideal Land with a guide price of £875,000. So if you’re in the market for a planning-risk free grand design…..well, this just could be your one-way ticket straight to that vision of your dream home. Why not give them a call (0207 351 1100) to find out.

Have you ever thought about building your dream home? Could you be tempted? Do share in a comment below.

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  1. This potential home looks amazing and they are so clever making it so light, airy, and spacious and it looks like it would be a wonderful place to live in

  2. I love old Victorian house but they often require a lot of work as you say and so I’d really like a new build that we could tailor to our needs. Such beautiful light in this bulding.

  3. I must admit we’ve considered buying a plot in Portugal and building a house (one of the Scandinavia prefabricated houses) but have decided against it. While we know the physical house would be amazing I’ve heard horror stories of other people trying to get planning permission for years and I can’t wait that long. Saying that, that house looks amazing from the pictures.

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