Green Rose nightdress and pyjama review + giveaway

Green Rose nightdress

Here’s the thing – the nights are getting colder but quite honestly I often struggle wearing pyjamas in the colder months. I might go to bed toasty as anything but often wake up feeling just too hot. So when I was approached by Green Rose to review their nightdress (for me) and pyjamas (for the little – who doesn’t seem to have the same sweaty problems…I blame the hormones!) well I thought…could this be the nightdress renaissance?

And so it was.

Let me tell you why.

Green Rose’s nightdress is made from merino wool and bamboo fibre. They are a lovely cut and therefore stylish (forget the idea of any granny nighty you might have bouncing around your head) but most importantly…they are super comfy. Oh and because it is natural it is super duper breathable and for sweaty night mammas like me, setting your legs free at night is a major win. That means no getting too hot or too cold at night –  because of its thermal qualities this nightdress knows how to maintain your optimal body temperature – hurrah!

And here’s me in mine dreaming of nodding off to sleep at any moment:

Green Rose nightdress

And then there’s the children’s pyjamas. I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve lost sleep over the idea that my daughter will be too hot or cold. Will she bake with the radiator on? Will she wake up freezing in the middle of the night? You get the picture. The pyjamas are also wonderfully soft and comfortable thanks to the fact they are also made of all natural merino wool – which also helps them keep the right temperature at night. I should also mention – don’t be fooled by the fact these are wool because the material is lovely and soft and uber comfortable with not an itch in sight!

Green Rose pyjamas

The quality of both items – which seems to be a foundation of the entire range – is obvious. This is a range that has nature and quality at its heart. I could tell that both the items we reviewed were made with love and attention to detail making it feel like…yes! you are really wearing a little bit of nature. At £39 for the nightdress and £36 for the pyjamas, you can definitely see the quality you’re getting for the price.

And now for the exciting bit!

***GIVEAWAY Win a nightdress and pyjama set on my giveaway page here***

*I was sent the nightdress and pyjamas from Green Rose for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 





  1. They both look fab. I need to get some pyjamas for Sebby as he always gets into bed with us as he is cold, so he needs some snuggly ones to keep him in his own bed

  2. This sounds like such a lovely product for winter. We keep our house quite cold so anything that can help us stay warm during the night is a big win. Plus it looks lovely. too.

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