Growing your blog: 9 things that helped me break 10,000 monthly page views on my blog

Growing your blog

You know what they say – a watched kettle never boils, and watched stats can seem to move very slowly. For the longest time, my stats were frozen well below 10,000 page views a month, closer to half of that truth be told. It was EXCRUCIATING! But then things changed, and snow balled, and then BOOM! I hit the 10,000 page views a month mark and started running right past it.

Now I know 10,000 page views a month might not seem a big deal to some of you (errrrr…if that’s the case, why are you reading this?)but if you’re still on the ascent up to that, I’m going to share with you how I believe this happened and my tips for growing your blog to that level.

Publish more frequently

I know a lot of people say that it doesn’t matter how often you publish and that less can be more but I’m sorry, I don’t fall into that camp. For a start, Google LOVES blogs which are updated regularly and if you can get that up to daily which I did in the end, then that can  be a major tipping point. Obviously though it still has to be quality content. And obviously that takes a lot of work. So start training yourself to write faster lol! However, if you’re churning out rubbish just to meet numbers then that’s not going to fly. But there are lots of tools out there to help you generate ideas of things to write –  I love Answer The Public but there are some other blog topic generators you can try out here.

Internal linking

For me, things started really changing when my organic search engine traffic started taking off. A big player in this for me was when I started internal linking within each post – try for 3 if you can. Internal linking helps to increase the rank of your page which in turn increases visits yadda yadda yadda. More on the importance of internal linking here.

Crowdsourcing posts

Regular readers of my blog know that I am a total sucker for putting out crowdsourcing posts – an example of one I published on mums empowering mums here. Honestly, I don’t do this to increase my traffic but just because I have a lot of thoughts and ideas in my head which I want to know what others think and feel about. It also happens to make for great content. And it also happens to make for content that those involved want to share and amplify. If you want to start putting out crowdsourcing posts then a great place for harvest crowdsourcing comments on particular topics if the UK Parent Bloggers Crowdsourcing Facebook group.

Accepting more guest posts

If you’re anything like me, you will be drowning in guest post idea submissions. Some of these are just awful, some of these are great, and quite frankly some of these should be paid for. But some can really help with your search traffic because of the proposed topic (i.e. it’s about something people really want to know/find useful). The trick is working out which is which, but here’s the hard part….I think you can only really know which is which through experience, numbers and a good dose of blogger instinct!

Writing what people want to know about

Yes, are bloggers we have a lot to say about what WE want to say, but what is it other people want to know. While I do believe in writing about what you are passionate about, I also think it’s important to write about what other people want to know and what people are already searching for. If you haven’t got a clue, again….Answer The Public is your new best friend here.

Being religious about YOAST

I was a reluctant YOAST-er (you know, the plug in app) for a while, but I think it was only when I became totally militant about green lighting the lion’s share of my blog posts that my organic traffic really started taking off because my SEO was tip top (more on SEO from me here). And although I do receive a lot of traffic from social media which I firmly believe is crucial to any blogger increasing their traffic I have now got to the point where my organic traffic has far outstripped my social traffic….something I thought could never possibly happen!


As bloggers, we can be so impatient, we want everything now. But no, sadly, blogging is a marathon, not a sprint. We can’t expect everyone to just be flocking to our blog over night, no matter how amazing you think your content is. A lot of this takes time….time for people to know about your blog, time for people to LOVE your blog, time for people to really want to follow your blog and engage with it, and time for Google to love your blog too. Sigh. Sorry no magic answers for you there….just perseverance and patience I’m afraid. And then one day – BOOM! you will hit that tipping point.

Forgetting about the viral post

Oh yes, the viral post…it seems to  be the holy grail of our blogging world. But here’s the thing…as someone who has had a few viral posts in her time…I don’t believe this is what translates into consistently higher traffic. Just as quick as those readers flocked to your blog, they will flock away again…those fickle fish! So yes, while a viral post is a lovely way to make you do a happy dance, it’s not the sustainable game plan you need. I found once I stopped thinking about making my posts viral (how the hell do you do that anyway??!), that’s when things really picked up for me.

Commenting daily

There’s a reason comment threads exist. Google loves blog posts with lots of comments and engagement. It helps other people to find you. And it helps to send other traffic your way. There are lots of comment pods out there – have a look at those on Blogger Club Facebook Group and UK  Awesome Bloggers as a starting point. Honestly, until I started doing this religiously everyday, my organic traffic was meh. You get back what you put in after all.

So what’s next… if I can double it again I’ll be over the moon. But I know that’s going to take a great deal of the above all over again.

Growing your blog

So did you find these tips useful? Please do share in a comment below.

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  1. I found this really interesting to read! I’m one of the bloggers who only posts once a week, maybe only once in a fortnight sometimes! It’s just finding the time with my two toddlers, but I’m definitely going to try and up my posting game! Thanks!

  2. Ah I never knew that about daily commenting. Uck, more work to do!! My page views are a fraction of that and I’ve been going 9 months now. It’s a bit depressing but I know I have to play the long game xx

  3. Loved reading this post. It’s great when bloggers help other bloggers to gain more knowledge. I’m going to put these great tips into use.

  4. Really useful tips for a new blogger thank you. I really need to sort my blog out and get it self hosted and sort yoast – there’s my bank holiday task ☺ #coolmumclub xx

  5. I’ve been really crap the past couple of months, I just seemed to lose my mojo. I hope I get it back soon though as I love blogging. Thanks for the tips as always. I couldn’t agree more about Yoast, SEO and comment threads! #coolmumclub

  6. As a new blogger, even 1000 page views is a very long way off, but this post is really helpful and has given me ideas of how to start. #coolmumclub

  7. Brilliant tips Talya – I agree that posting frequently is definitely key, but I just can’t seem to write quick enough! There are so many great tips here that I had no idea about – will definitely be checking out the sites and groups you mention. Thanks so much for sharing x #bestandworst

  8. This is fab advice, thank you. I only manage a couple of posts a week at present but have plans for guest posts now so hopefully things will improve!

  9. Wowzers, 10,000 is still a goal for me…I love the old crowd sourced posts and often wonder if there is a way of doing this when you are an anti-facebook blogger…
    Guess I’ll just have to work twice as hard!
    Thanks for co-hosting with me lovely, couldn’t rock this #coolmumclub thing without you…


  10. This is great advice, especially about that VIRAL post that we all hold onto 🙂 Thanks for sharing your insights Talya.

  11. This is really interesting read, especially as I have never come across some of these terms. Thanks for sharing X #coolmumclub

  12. Great tips! This is a revisit to this post for me but I need a few reminders and it will help me get back on track. So many ideas, so little time… xx #coolmumclub

  13. I’ve only just started implementing some of those tips, as I quit my job 5 weeks ago in preparation for our move. I have already noticed a slight increase in my views as I take part in linkies and comment threads. I’m just hoping I will find the time when we move to continue as I won’t have childcare for a while afterwards. But great set of tips thank you! #coolmumclub

  14. Brilliant tips Talya and 10k views a month is amazing! Congratulations! I really do need to post more often but the rhyming thing just takes so long sometimes to pull together. For now the most I can really manage is one a week but once the kiddies are older I’d love to up my game. Thanks for hosting #coolmumclub lovely xx

  15. Just wow! In total awe of what you’ve achieved my lovely! I’m going to refer back time and time again to this post with the hope of boosting my stats some time soon. Seriously, well done lovely and so kind of you to share your tips with us with such honesty. Thank you lovely xx #CoolMumClub

  16. I always get super excited when I get three green lights on Yoast. I sometimes even punch the air! This is a super handy post – thanks for sharing your top tips! #coolmumclub

  17. This was a really handy read – I need to break 2k views at the moment, let alone 10k, but patience is a virtue! Will be coming back to this a few times I’m sure… #coolmumclub

  18. Congratulations on reaching 10,000 monthly page views. These are great tips on growing your blog. I agree regular content is key and engagement is also important. Time is the biggest thing though- most of my page views come from my old posts and now that I have a lot of old posts, that’s quite a lot of page views that I no longer have to work so hard for! #coolmumclub

  19. Great tips, my page views are stuck around the 1,000 mark. I did manage 1800 one month but that was joining about 25 linkies every week and it just wasn’t sustainable. I didn’t know about the commenting groups, may have to check them out x

  20. I realised I’d already read this as I started reading it! But thank you – I definitely agree that posting more often helps. I’m now posting 4 times a week when I used to be twice a week and my page views are slowly going up. But I still wish they’d be more! I need to try some crowdsourcing ones! #coolmumclub

  21. This was an interesting read. I post 3 times per week and I’m militant about Yoast, but it’s good to see other areas that I need to work on. I’m rubbish at replying to comments on my blog. I always get around to it eventually, but it’s often several weeks after the event when I’ve finally found a night (or three!) to dedicate to it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge #coolmumclub

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